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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Anime, Workshops and more!

Summer is here and I sure am busy! Read carefully to find where I will be this Summer, or to take a workshop. Lots to do for all ages and interests.

Anime Expo
July 3-6,  I will be hosting a range of classes at Anime Expo in downtown Los Angeles. Copic will be sponsoring our own workshop room, with classes on everything from basic Manga inking, to creating your own Kaiju Beasts (like Godzilla or Mothra).

Here's a fun downloadable anime girl to color that I drew for Anime Expo a couple years ago. Enjoy!

FREE Workshops this Summer
If you are in the Eugene area, I will be teaching some free workshops through the City of Eugene Libraries.

July 15th, 6-7:30pm, Downtown Library "Tracing Memories, Relaxation Coloring" Color scenes from around Eugene, learn how to create your own outlines from digital photographs, and have fun.

July 16th, 2-4pm Downtown Library Teen, Markers & Airbrush Art. Learn how to color with Copic Markers and experiment with the airbrush system.

July 17th, 2-4pm Bethel Branch, Teens, Intro to Zombie Drawing.
July 18th, 2-4pm Sheldon Branch, Teens, Intro to Zombie Drawing. This fun class will leave you screaming for brains! Come learn the basics of anatomy and how to make your own Undead.

Upcoming Papercraft Classes
If you are in the Portland area, I will be teaching some coloring classes and be hosting a book signing at Main St. Stamping in Tigard, on Sat. July 26. More details later.

Certifications and Workshops
There are a LOT of Copic Certifications and Workshops coming up. Visit the Copic website for registration and class details.

Now Open, Filling Fast!
June 20, Grand Rapids, MI Standard Certification, taught by Debbie Olson
June 21, Grand Rapids, MI Intermediate Certification, taught by Debbie Olson

June 27, Boston, MA Standard Certification, taught by Cindy Lawrence
June 28, Boston, MA Intermediate Certification, taught by Cindy Lawrence

July 11, Philadelphia, PA Standard Certification, taught by Cindy Lawrence
July 12, Philadelphia, PA Intermediate Certification, taught by Cindy Lawrence
July 18, Madison, WI Standard Certification, taught by Debbie Olson cancelled
July 19, Madison, WI Intermediate Certification, taught by Debbie Olson cancelled

Aug 8, Garden City, NY Standard Certification, taught by Cindy Lawrence
Aug 9, Garden City, NY  Intermediate Certification, taught by Cindy Lawrence 
Aug 8, St. Louis, MO, Standard Certification, taught by Lori Craig
Aug 9, St. Louis, MO  Intermediate Certification, taught by Lori Craig
Aug 9, Chicago, IL Whimsical Faces & Hair, taught by Debbie Olson
Aug 9, Chicago, IL Airbrushing for Papercraft, taught by Debbie Olson
Aug 15, San Jose, CA, Standard Certification, taught by Sherrie Siemens
Aug 16, San Jose, CA  Intermediate Certification, taught by Sherrie Siemens

Opening Soon!!
Aug 23, Milwaukee, WI  Whimsical Faces & Hair, taught by Debbie Olson
Aug 23, Milwaukee, WI  Airbrushing for Papercraft, taught by Debbie Olson
Aug 23, San Marcos, CA Whimsical Faces & Hair, taught by Sherrie Siemens
Aug 23, San Marcos, CA  Airbrushing for Papercraft, taught by Sherrie Siemens
Sept. 5 Alexandria, VA  Standard Certification, taught by Lori Craig
Sept. 6 Alexandria, VA Intermediate Certification, taught by Lori Craig

Monday, May 5, 2014

Demos in Salt Lake area, Utah

This weekend I will be in the Salt Lake City, UT area, hosting classes at a variety of stores. You can come and meet me, take a workshop, get a book signed, and learn how to color better! Contact each store for more details, or to purchase books in advance (in case they run out).

Friday, May 9
7-9pm Heartfelt Creations, Sandy UT
Beginner Make N' Take
Drop in and join us for this free, cute Make n' Take, coloring this exclusive puppy in a wagon image I drew. This is simply a card front, not a finished card. This easy project is a great way to become familiar with using Copic Sketch markers. All supplies are provided.

Saturday, May 10
10am-12pm Treasured Memories, West Valley, UT
Tracing Memories, Salt Lake LDS Temple
Want to learn how to take your own photographs and turn them into beautiful works of art? Come to this Tracing Memories class where we will color a photo-illustration of the Salt Lake Temple (other images will also be available). Finished is a 5 x 7 framable work of art, perfect as a Mother's Day gift or image for your home. This project is perfect for beginners. Call the store for more information and to reserve space, as seating is limited. Ask for Alisa, (801) 478-4441

Saturday, May 10
1pm to 3pm, Murray Library, Murray UT
Basic Faces & Hair
In this free workshop, we will be touching on some coloring fundamentals for faces and hair. Join us to color this cute pair of kids, playing dress-up. This is a great chance to bring in your own images and ask questions. All supplies provided.

So, if you are in the Salt Lake City area, and want to learn more about Copic markers I hope you can find a few minutes to stop in at one of these great events!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Classes and Events Update

Local Events and More!
What a busy time of year! You saw the neat blog posts from images I've been coloring at demos and events. I love going out and meeting people, letting them see what I do, and helping them take their coloring to new, exciting places. I love seeing how excited you get when you learn something new!

First of all, I want to update you on some upcoming local events that I will be demoing at. 

This Saturday, April 26 from about 2-4pm, I will be demoing at the Ben Franklin Crafts in Springfield, OR. You don't want to miss it!

Then, Sat. May 17th, in the afternoon, I will be hosting a drop-in studio event at the U of O Bookstore, Eugene, OR.

This summer: I will be teaching free teen and adult workshops for the City of Eugene Library, from July 15-18th. More information will be posted on the Eugene Library website as it gets closer to event time.

Save the Date: I will be hosting some awesome workshops at Anime Expo over the 4th of July weekend, down in Los Angeles, CA. You don't want to miss those workshops.

Certifications and Workshops
Have you taken one of our live classes yet? They are jammed full of great stuff! Register today for a class near you! Visit the Copic website for registration and class details. Note: If you are in Pittsburgh, there are still openings available in those classes, so email or register online today!!

Our classes are jam-packed with useful tips and tidbits. We encourage you to retake Certification classes if they come to your area, or if you see one taught by one of our other instructors, as each teacher brings their own skills and flavor to each class. Our workshops are great, whether you have taken a certification or not. Each class covers basics, but goes into further depth than we have time to cover in our main Certification classes.

April 29, Pittsburgh, PA  Airbrushing for Papercrafters taught by Colleen Schaan
April 29, Pittsburgh, PA  Whimsical Faces & Hair, taught by Colleen Schaan

May 1, Pittsburgh, PA  Tracing Memories  taught by Marianne Walker
May 1, Pittsburgh, PA Alcohol Ink Painting taught by Colleen Schaan
May 2, Pittsburgh, PA Standard Certification taught by Cindy Lawrence
May 2, Seattle, WA Standard Certification taught by Sherrie Siemens
May 3, Pittsburgh, PA Intermediate Certification taught by Cindy Lawrence
May 3, Seattle WA, Intermediate Certification taught by Sherrie Siemens
May 10, Salt Lake City, Whimsical Faces & Hair cancelled
May 10, Salt Lake CityTracing Memories workshop, cancelled
May 16, Minneapolis, MN Standard Certification, taught by Debbie Olson
May 17, Minneapolis, MN Intermediate Certification, taught by Debbie Olson
May 24, Dallas, TX Whimsical Faces & Hair workshop, taught by Lori Craig
May 24, Dallas, TX Airbrushing workshop, taught by Lori Craig

May 31, South Chicago area, IL, Whimsical Faces & Hair, taught by Marianne Walker
May 31, South Chicago area, IL, Tracing Memories, taught by Marianne Walker

June 6, Ottawa, ON, Canada Standard Certification taught by Sherrie Siemens
June 6, Houston TX, Standard Certification taught by Cindy Lawrence
June 7, Ottawa, ON, Canada Intermediate Certification taught by Sherrie Siemens
June 7, Houston, TX, ntermediate Certification taught by Cindy Lawrence
June 7,  Hanover, MD Whimsical Faces & Hair, taught by Lori Craig
June 7,  Hanover, MD Airbrushing for Papercrafters, taught by Lori Craig
June 20, Grand Rapids, MI Standard Certification, taught by Debbie Olson
June 21, Grand Rapids, MI Intermediate Certification, taught by Debbie Olson

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Demo Tomorrow, Winnipeg Canada

I realized that I forgot to mention to all my blog friends that this week I am in Winnipeg, Canada demoing at Artist's Emporium. Tomorrow evening you can come see me from 7pm-10pm at their AMAZING annual open house.  Food, Prizes, posters, freebies, and more await you!

Today I drew this fun pirate picture and colored it at the demo. Sometime next week I will try and post a few step-outs of the coloring process, though I may forget the colors I used.

Meanwhile, if you are in Winnipeg, I hope to see you there! If you aren't in Winnipeg, come take one of my upcoming classes in a city near you: in a few weeks in Pittsburgh and Salt Lake, or in the Chicago area at the end of May.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vellum Sketch and Upcoming Events

I have a lot of events and classes coming up, but before I leave town, I wanted to share a quick sketch and process with you.

Coloring on Vellum
It's been a while since I posted something made on vellum. I had a drawing in my head, and I thought this would be perfect for a vellum sketch. I'm using a deluxe, heavyweight drawing vellum, so it has a slight grayish cast to it, but takes marker ink beautifully.

1. I started with a pencil sketch and overlaid a piece of vellum. I taped it down with masking tape to keep it in place as I colored.

2. Next, I work back to front. I begin by laying down some solid swatches of B45.

3. With my colorless blender, I went back over all the blue, to soften at the edges. I colored in the same direction as the original streaks. I want some streakiness to remain, just not as harsh on the edges. Then, I use my colorless blender to clear out the inside of the vase. Because marker ink does not soak into vellum, the colorless blender can completely remove ink, if you soak it enough. I was careful to wipe my blender marker tip clean on scratch paper after each stroke over the blue. 

4. Then I added E33 and E27 to the pitcher. I left the white area clear, and did minimal blending. Blending on vellum can turn streaky quickly.

5. Next I added the YG17 and G99 right over the top of any other colors. Although the greens are lighter, they will simply push other colors out of the way.

6. I added R43 as my pale pink. If you notice, all colors appear a little lighter on vellum, so go darker than you regularly would when coloring, or colors won't show up.

7. I touched up the pinks with RV29, and minimally blended it with the R43.

8. I finished up by pulling the sketch out from underneath and looking at areas that needed cleaning up. I darkened the brown with E49 and touched up a bit more RV29 and G99 to add details.

I love how soft and simple the finished image looks. And, it was very quick, as you can't go back and blend without causing streaks. If you don't color on vellum much, I strongly recommend trying it sometime.

Upcoming Classes and Events
This weekend I will be teaching  a couple classes in San Diego. I still have a few openings in my upcoming classes in San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Pittsburgh. We have other copic classes coming up in Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, and Minneapolis, so visit our website to register or get more information. You can also email for more registration information. 

Just this week we added a bunch of new classes:

May 31, South Chicago area, IL, Whimsical Faces & Hair, taught by Marianne Walker
May 31, South Chicago area, IL, Tracing Memories, taught by Marianne Walker

June 6, Ottawa, ON, Canada Standard Certification taught by Sherrie Siemens
June 7, Ottawa, ON, Canada Intermediate Certification taught by Sherrie Siemens
June 7,  Hanover, MD Whimsical Faces & Hair, taught by Lori Craig
June 7,  Hanover, MD Airbrushing for Papercrafters, taught by Lori Craig

Local Demos:
If you are in Oregon, I will be hosting a free drop-in studio event at the U of O Bookstore on May 17th. Click here for more details.

Ongoing: $5 Wednesdays, 4:00-5:30pm Tracing Memories drop-in dinner classes at Sheldon Park Assisted Living, Eugene. Call 541-344-1078 to RSVP.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oregon Classes This Month

February is always a busy month for me, here at Copic. I have a lot of local demos and events that I will be participating in, so look over the list carefully, and hopefully, if you are in my area, you can attend one of my events!

Oregon Asian Celebration, Feb 15 &16th
As with past years, I had the honor of illustrating this year's Oregon Asian Celebration poster. This is the year of the horse, so I carefully researched traditional Chinese brush paintings of running horses. After working with the Celebration Committee, we decided on this pose. I drew the horse with an E37 Sketch marker, on a piece of 11 x 17 paper, using large, bold strokes. It was colored and composited on the computer.

You can come and try Copic markers for yourself this weekend at the Asian Celebration. We will be hosting a drawing area in the Youth Art Room. Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene OR,
Saturday from about 2:30-4p volunteers will be working the tables.
Sunday from about 2:30 to 4pm I will be demoing, answering questions, and drawing for people that stop by.

For more information visit

We hope to see you there!

Tracing Memories Classes
The reason I won't be at the Asian Celebration on Saturday is because I will be teaching Tracing Memories classes up in Portland. Two sessions to choose from. These are comprehensive, in-depth workshops designed to take a beginner through all the steps needed to choose colors, blend, add finishing touches, and convert your own photographs into outline works of art.

Portland, OR Saturday, 9am to 1pm, or 2pm to 6pm, $99 either session.
(also, we are accepting applications for the Tracing Memories class in San Diego, March 30th)

To register you can visit the Copic website or send us an e-mail directly.

Tracing Memories Dinner Sessions
If you live in the Eugene area, Copic is sponsoring some low-key dinner coloring sessions, in conjunction with Sheldon Park Assisted Living. Starting Feb 19th, and running through April 9th, you can come for an evening and participate in one of our "relaxation sessions."

Wednesdays, 4:30 to 6pm, $5 per session
Feb 19th - April 9th
Includes light dinner and glass of wine.
Please RSVP Sheldon Park Assisted Living to save a spot! 541-344-1078

Most weeks, I will be there, unless I am out of town. These are not comprehensive classes like my 4 hr. workshops. Rather, these are intended for people to try Tracing Memories and color a single picture in a relaxed environment, using our supplies. Great for beginners, friends, and family. 

University of Oregon Bookstore, Proudly Oregon one day event
Want a chance to stop in and ask me questions, see me work, and look at my example books? On Feb. 27th I will be demoing at the U of O annual Proudly Oregon event. This is free, open to the public, and a great chance to meet Oregon businesses, see Oregon artists, and try some great Oregon foods and beers. I will downstairs in the art department, happily coloring away (What better way to spend my birthday?!). Come and see what I will be creating and enter to win a neat doorprize.

Thursday, Feb. 27th, Eugene, OR 10 am until 4 pm, Free!

Whew, that's a lot of fun venues around Oregon this month. I hope to see you at one of them!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Copic Art Class at CHA

If you have been following my blog this year, you'll notice that I've been talking about our new program Tracing Memories. This program teaches you how to convert a photograph into an outline, then color it in while looking at the photograph.

If this sounds exciting, and you think you'd like to try it, then you are in luck!

I will be teaching a 3hr. introductory class in January.

Tracing Memories, Discovering Memories Through Art

Anaheim, CA,  January 12, 9am to 12pm. $35 Taught by Marianne Walker.

Class will be held during CHA, but is not part of the convention. Class will be held at the Anaheim Red Lion Inn.

With the Tracing Memories program, you will learn how to take your own photographs and turn them into custom works of art. Start with an outline generated from a photo, then color it in using Copic Markers. Learn how to see and identify colors. Learn basic Copic marker blending techniques, while working with beautiful photographs on high-quality fine-art paper.

This class is perfect for beginners and those who don't consider themselves artistic. Studies have proven that coloring and arts activities once a week helps relieve stress and promote relaxation at all age levels. But, a lot of the stress in fine-art comes with drawing the original artwork. With the Tracing Memories program, you convert your own photographs, so you don't have to draw. Choose images of your pets, your favorite vacation, or something you want to give as a special gift to a loved one. Coloring your own custom artwork helps you remember those memories, and creates a special picture that resonates for you. These make wonderful family gifts, or can be turned into cards, or printed as works of art. All supplies will be provided. You will leave with 1 to 3 completed images.

Apply for this, and our other CHA classes HERE. This class is filling quickly, so apply soon!

Also, If you are local to the Eugene, OR area, on Tuesdays through Nov. and December, I am hosting FREE Tracing Memories relaxation coloring sessions in conjunction with Sheldon Park Senior Community.

Tracing Memories Relaxation Sessions
Every Tuesday, Nov-December, 5:30 to 6:30pm. Free! Sheldon Park Senior Living, 2440 Willakenzie Rd. Eugene, OR (Near Sheldon High School). Everyone welcome! (I may not be at each session, but I will be at most of them).

I hope to see you at one of these events!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Depth of Field with Gray, & Upcoming Events

This week I will be at the annual U of O Tools of the Trade Show in Eugene, OR.

Wed. & Thursday, Nov. 6 & 7th, 10 am to 6pm
University of Oregon Main Campus Bookstore, Downstairs in the art department.

Come for a chance to win doorprizes, meet amazing artists and watch them work. There will be an amazing sale going on, and I will be there all day to answer Copic questions.

Depth of Field, Gray Outlines
Here's a drawing I was working on last year at that event. I drew the main black outlines with multiliners, then photocopied it onto nice paper. I then drew in the bunnies in the distance and the flying deck of cards with a gray multiliner.

You can see how simply drawing things with a lighter outline creates the illusion of depth of field. Notice even the largest cards, up close, I drew with a light outline. When I color the things outlined in gray, I don't use the same intensity of colors as I do on areas outlined with black.

Here is a photo of the finished piece. I really like how it came out (though this photo was taken during the event in poor light). I like how you can clearly see the important bunnies, and the ones in the distance are not as prominent.

Who knows what I will draw this year? I don't even know, so I am really looking forward to seeing what I come up with over the next few days!

Also, our new classes I mentioned yesterday are now open for enrollment! We have already had some applications, and popular classes are already starting to fill. If you want to take one of our classes at CHA, you need to apply soon!

You can find Workshop information and applications HERE on the Copic Website.

You can find Standard Certification information and applications HERE on the Copic Website.

You can find Intermediate Certification info and applications HERE on the Copic Website.

See you at CHA!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Art Demos this Fall

Whew! Fall has started around here, and with it comes a few local events that I am participating in.

Sept. 13 Springfield, OR:  2nd Friday Art Walk & Vendor Fair
Tomorrow, join me at the Springfield, OR, 2nd Friday Art Walk from 3 to about 7:30pm. I'll be mostly painting, but I'll have some markers there as well. I'll have original paintings and prints of my favorite Copic illustrations for sale.

Nov. 6-7 Eugene, OR: U of O Tools of the Trade  Art Supply show
I will be at the annual Tools of the Trade Show, downstairs next to the marker display, demoing Copic markers and coloring whatever fun things come to mind. Stop by and ask me questions, learn techniques, and get a great price on all your favorite art supplies during their awesome sale.

I hope to see you in person at one of these events!

Intermediate Copic CertificationColor & Ink Workshops
Have you taken one of our fun and messy Color & Ink workshops yet? We still have space in the last three sessions for 2013! Classes and projects will get switched up for 2014, so register now for this year's awesome projects!

Sept. 20-21st, Glen Allen, VA taught by Colleen Schaan & Cindy Lawrence

October 25-26th, Portland, OR taught by Sherrie Siemens & Debbie Olson

November 8-9th, Dallas, TX taught by Colleen Schaan & Cindy Lawrence

Back to School
Are you a professor at an art school? Do you use Copics in your classes? Did you know you can request official demos? We have a sponsorship request form on our website. Check it out to see if your class can qualify! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Copic Sponsored Workshops at Anime Expo

Happy 4th of July, and happy first day of Anime Expo!

If you are in L.A. and will be attending the convention, you are in luck! Copic is sponsoring a  bunch of incredible workshops and panels over the next few days. Here is the full list of Copic Sponsored Events:

Friday, July 5th, Workshops and Panels
Ink, Paper, and Imagination:  10:00 - 11:30am, WS1

Do you know how to ink your ideas into a manga? This class teaches how to use manga paper, light tables, screentones, and inking techniques with Copic pens. Great for people who want to draw manga by hand, no computers needed! All supplies provided. Taught by Marianne.

Manga-ka:  1:30 - 2:30 pm, LP3

Come learn what it is to be a manga artist in Japan! Hear from a panel of talented Japanese Manga-ka. Each artist will talk about their drawing process, while showing a wide variety of styles. Includes time for Q & A with each artist. Sponsored by Copic

Copic Essentials: 2:15 - 3:45 pm, WS2

From choosing paper to inking and coloring, this class gives a basic overview of how to use Copic products for creating your own manga. Learn how to pick blending colors, how to color like the pros, and see an airbrush demo. All supplies provided.
Taught by Marianne.

DIY Zombies: 5:15 - 6:30 pm, WS2

Have undead lurking in your brains? Need ideas for drawing your own withered corpses? This panel will unearth ways to bring your undead to life. The discussion will leave you crying out for brains. Drawing tools provided, zombie riot gear optional.
Taught by Marianne.

Saturday, July 6th, Workshops and PanelsRookie Manga Character Design: July 6th, 1:00 - 2:30 pm, WS2

Are you a total newbie to drawing manga characters? Come learn some quick tricks for designing your own characters. We’ll discuss basic inking techniques, proportion, heads, hair, hands, & more. Bring your ideas & questions! All supplies provided. Taught by Marianne.

Creature Creation: July 6th, 2:45 - 4:15 pm, WS2

     Industry Creature Designer Terryl Whitlatch demonstrates the creation of an imaginary creature and its place in a fantastic world, from its anatomy and appearance, to its place in story and script.

Science of Creature Design: July 6th, 4:30 - 6:00 pm, WS2

      Internationally acclaimed Creature Designer Terryl Whitlatch shares her art and experience in creating imaginary beings for Film and Animation, from Star Wars to Brave, and beyond.

Also, come by our booth for incredible savings on all the Copic Products you need. We have markers, both individual as well as sets, we have refill inks, and we have an amazing array of papers, sketchbooks, screentones, and more. We hope to see you there!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Blog Hop Winner and Anime Expo

What a week! I taught classes this week on Tracing Memories, taught a teen drawing class for the City of Eugene Library, and got all of my prep done for heading off to Anime Expo in a few days. We have online classes opening up soon through Creative, as well as a new beading and apron class coming to Kansas City, August 17th (You can find out full class details and apply HERE on the Copic education page).

And...I was so thrilled at how excited everyone is over the new book that Colleen and I worked so hard on!!

Before I announce the blog hop winner, I wanted to tell people about Anime Expo coming up this

Anime Expo, July 4-7, 2013
Los Angeles Convention Center

Stop by the Copic Booth, located in the back with Artist's Alley. Prices will be great, and you can get personal demos throughout the entire show. We will have 3 guest Manga artists from Japan, as well as Terryl Whitlatch from the Tales of Amalthea project.

We have a full schedule of hands-on workshops and panels on July 5 & 6th. (I'll post more class details tomorrow). Stop by to get all your favorite Copic supplies and meet some amazing artists!!

Blog Hop Winner!
But, before I go to L.A., I need to share the winner for the 4th Copic Coloring Guide book blog hop! chose #95 out of 187 possibilities for a winner. Wow!

The lucky winner is:
Ellen, who said...
Your coloring is incredible! Can't wait to get my hands on the new Copic Coloring Book! Thanks for the chance!

Ellen, I sent you a note! Please get back to me and next week when I return from the convention, I will send out your very own copy of the book!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Copic Art- Tracing Memories

Beautiful Art without having to draw
Many years ago, the manufacturer of Copic markers showed us a class they had researched and developed. This class was designed for people who are concerned about their memories, and are looking for ways to relieve stress, but be productive.

In Japan, they called the program Copic Art. I've had samples sitting in my office for a long time, but never had time to develop the program in the US. Well, that has finally changed. Over the next few years, you will start to see more about our US version of this program, which we are initially calling Tracing Memories.

The concept is simple, you take a photo, convert it to outlines on the computer, then you work on coloring in, with the help of an instructor, and while looking at the original photograph. You learn to pick and match colors, you make artistic choices, but you don't have to draw! And, each time you color the work, it is a mini masterpiece. In Japan, they even have art gallery shows of these beautiful pieces.

Next week we will be teaching our first class in the US! It will be here, in Eugene, OR, and we will be coloring scenes from around Eugene. Eventually we will be offering training all across the country, but for now, if you are local, you are welcome to attend the first workshop.

The class will be held at Maude Kerns Art Center, and registration goes through them.  Cost is only $40 for three, 2-hr classes on Tuesdays during the rest of the month of April.

I am so excited about this program! I can't wait to see you at one of these classes!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Upcoming Events

Asian Celebration
This weekend I will be doing demos at the Oregon Asian Celebration, in Eugene OR. Visit their website for more details. I can be found in the Youth Art Room, from about 2:30 to 4:30 or so each day.

Proudly Oregon
Feb. 28th I will be demoing all day at the University of Oregon Bookstore, from 10am - 5pm at their Proudly Oregon event. this is a showcase of companies, artists, and products from the beutiful state of Oregon. Don't miss it! There will be food, prizes, and more.

Art Contest
Check out the Copic Marker blog for information on our annual art contest in conjunction with the City of Eugene.

10 Cities Only - New Color & Ink Workshops!

Are you ready to get inky? Brand new for 2013, our totally hands-on Copic Color & Ink Workshops are being offered in 10 exclusive locations.

Experience two consecutive days of coloring and creating. Learn more about coloring faces and hair, using the Copic airbrush system, doodling, and coloring on a variety of surfaces in these fun-filled workshops.

There are only eight remaining workshops this year:

Orlando, FL
Boston, MA
Calgary, AB
Toronto, ON
Chicago, IL
Portland, OR
Dallas, TX

Click to watch a video by workshop instructor Colleen Schaan:

Friday, November 9, 2012

Had a Great time!

I had a fabulous time drawing and coloring this week at the U of O Tools of the Trade show! Every year I meet so many inspiring artists and companies. This event is truly one of my highlights each year.

Here is one of the images I drew and colored this week. I can't remember all the color combos used, but the dress is BG52, B05, and B24, with V28 in the deepest shadows. The gold is Y02, Y21, and YR23. The reds are R89 and R37. The skin was E000, E11, R01, and some subtle pale purples, blues, and pinks. The white is outlined with BV31 and hints of YR30. The faded blue background is BG000.

Have a great weekend coloring!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

U of O Trade Show

Tools of the Trade Show, Nov. 7-8th
On Wednesday and Thursday of this week I will be at the University of Oregon Tools of the Trade Show as a guest artist. The show runs from 10am to 6pm each day. Last year I drew some really neat artwork. I've got some cool pictures drawn that I am looking forward to coloring this year, and I really hope you will join me!

Here is one of the pictures I drew at the event last year. I must say, this is my favorite illustration from 2011. I really can't wait to see what I draw this year!

The U of O bookstore is located in Eugene, on 13th and Kincaid. Parking is really tricky, but you can park over at the old hospital parking lot.

There will be many other fine artists and other art supply companies represented, so come check out the other fabulous talent at this year's show. There are lots of opportunities to win doorprizes as well.

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Texture Techniques, Part 3, Fur

Coloring Fur
Thank you all for the wonderful comments about my new book coming out next month! I think you will LOVE all the content included in that book. So far, I think it is my favorite from the series.

Meanwhile, I am getting ready to head out of town for a comic convention down in Los Angeles this weekend, but I realized that I forgot to post the rest of the cat tutorial. Sorry! Here is the third installment on coloring textures without using the colorless blender. You can click here for part 1 with the blank image, and part 2 with details about the sweater.

We will color the fur using three colors, just like the sweater. I want to have a solid base color, then add texture with a middle color and deepen the texture with a final shadow color. While I am using the Yellow family, you can try this with any color family. Please experiment!

I start the fur with a base of Y21, colored smoothly over all the cat. I colored the nose and tongue with R85 and the shadow inside the mouth with W7.

Next, I add the first layer of shadow. I am not coloring over the entire cat, only in the shadow areas. People will interpret that the whole cat has texture, as long as you give details in the shadows. I add a soft layer of E31, using only the tip of the brush.

Look at my little swatch example on this step. See how much white I leave? You want this much white visible on the areas where the E31 meets the Y21 base. In the darker shadow areas you can cover up more of the base yellow.

The E31 works as a very subtle shadow to the base color of Y21 because when you add gray to yellows, they quickly turn brown. Yellow in shadow loses intensity/saturation, in other words, they turn more gray. So, using brown for a shadow instead of a darker yellow works well.

Now I add my final texturing color of E44. Again, I am only working in the shadows. Just like when I added the darker green on the sweater texture, I use only the smallest hints of this color, and I am applying it with the very tip of the brush. Don't forget to color the shadow on his mouth and chin.

E44 comes from a more neutral/gray brown family (E40's) than the E31. Again, I am choosing a color for my darker shadows that has more gray built into it. This is an example where you don't have to follow the color family rules, as long as you know why you are breaking them. Once you find color combos that you like, write them down! You may like these colors not just for a tabby cat, but also for coloring tawny hair or the center of a sunflower.

Here is the final cat. I finished the fur by darkening my shadows a little more carefully, layering hints of E31 and E44 as I felt they were needed. I added a hint of a ground shadow with BV31.

I hope you had fun coloring along. For those of you who are interested in comics, I will be in the Copic booth at Comikaze on Sat. & Sunday, in the LA Convention Center. I would love to see you there!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick Dinosaur sketch

Local Events
I have been very busy this Summer, but I wanted to quickly share a few things. This Thursday and Friday I will be teaching some fabulous Papercrafting Certification classes in Eugene. If you have not seen a list of all the classes that we have open, we have many on our website:

Standard Classes

Intermediate Classes

We hope to see you at one of our classes soon!

CHA Sketch
Meanwhile, I wanted to share a simple, quick drawing I did last week while I was at CHA, coloring in the Copic booth. It is always such a neat experience to see my papercrafting friends and meet with so much talent. I had a little time to work on my own doodles while I was helping out, so this little guy came from a free moment. It is nice to have a chance to draw something for myself every now and then, so I don't have a tutorial.

I drew this little dinosaur with a .8 multiliner, onto X-Press It cardstock. He is colored with YG11, Y21, YG63, B02, C3, BG10, and B00. I used the colorless blender to fade the gray shadow and the BG10 sky out to the white of the paper.

This week, I hope you find some time to doodle and color for no reason but to have fun!

Monday, June 25, 2012

See you at Anime Expo!

Color with me at Anime Expo
I am heading off to Anime Expo this week and I wanted to keep you up to date. If you are going to be at the convention this weekend in L.A., please come visit me. You won't find me in the Copic booth like usual, rather, I will be hanging out in the exciting

COPIC Classroom!!

You can find the Copic Classroom in room 302, at the LA Convention Center. We are open from June 29-July 2nd, during the hours of the vendor hall. You can find the main Copic booth back in the Artist's Alley area.

We are ready for a weekend packed with events. Check out presentations from lots of fabulous people:

Star Wars creature designer and Tales of Amalthea instructor Terryl Whitlatch will talk about principles of creature design, story, concept art, animation & special effects, product & direction with Gilbert Banducci, and will also be signing her book, “Animals Real & Imagined.”

We are pleased to host some talented guest Japanese artists at AX this year. Two of our guests, Kaoppe & Haruka will share their coloring process and professional stories. This is a wonderful insight into the Japanese comic industry, so check it out!

And finally, I will teach classes on Copic basics classes and Comic Ink & Paper techniques. Paper and products will be available for class use, so come and learn how to get the most from your markers. If you can't make it to the classroom, I will also host a workshop on Saturday, June 30 from 6:30pm-8:30pm in Workshop Room 2.
 About the artwork:
I drew the girl with a 0.2mm Copic Multiliner SP. Hair: E31, Y02, R39, E13. Skin: E00, E11, E13, BV00, B12. Outfit: B12, B45, R24, R29, R59, C1, N3, Y02, B32. Sky: B32, Colorless Blender.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coloring events this week

Tomorrow, April 26th, I will be demoing from 10 until 6pm downstairs at the U of O Bookstore, Main Campus Location for their "Proudly Oregon" event. Come see Ken O'Connell, as well as many other local artists, authors, and companies that are based in Oregon. Enter to win doorprizes, watch artists, and get autographed books. Don't Miss it!

Friday, April 27, Phoenix, OR, Scrappy Crafts. I will be doing demos from noon to 4pm, and then we will have a book signing party from 6 to 8pm. This should be a lot of fun for all the papercrafters down in the Medford area.

April 28, Medford, OR, Central Art Supply. I will be teaching a class from 10:30 to 12:30 for any artists interested in learning marker techniques and how to choose papers and inks. This is a great opportunity for any artists in Southern Oregon who have always wanted to give Copics a try.

I hope to see you at these events!

Papercrafting Certifications
Quick Certification update- We just opened a few new classes. Register now before they fill!

June 22nd, Montreal, Quebec, Canada taught by Sherrie Siemens Open to public

 For a complete listing of standard classes, visit our list here.

June 23rd, Montreal, Quebec, Canada taught by Sherrie Siemens Open to public

For a complete listing of intermediate classes, visit our list here.