Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Art Links

This year has flown by and next year is just around the corner. Amazing how fast the years go when you're busy. I have a couple fun links for people today, and I hope you enjoy them or feel inspired by them.

For Papercrafters-

When I was at Scrapfest in September Archiver's filmed a quick coloring tutorial for their website. This link will take you to my Beginner Coloring with Copic tutorial.

You can check out all of Archiver's other fabulous product tutorials here.

Fine Art Links-

Medical & Instructional Illustration
I was recently contacted by a fabulous illustrator and I wanted to show you his work. Jason Laramie uses many mediums to create his illustrations, including Copic Markers. Dig through his gallery a bit for some examples of his images.

Beginner Illustration Technique-
I love this blog in general, and here is a neat tutorial for beginners on how to take a photograph and with some simple filters in photoshop use it as a base for making an illustration. Dig through Holly's site, as she has some gems in there.

Ok, so I'll post another great tutorial next week. Have a creative weekend!


Karen W said...

I love it and the saying could be winter is for the birds!!!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Thanks for the links!

hollygtn said...

Thanks for the blog link! My blog has been out of commission because of a virus. I was locked out of admin. I just moved hosts and relaunched it this I just noticed your comment! Glad you liked it. :-)

Happy to be blogging again!

hollygtn said...

Oh, and since I migrated my blog last week that link seems to not work sometimes. Here it is:

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