Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spanish Stamping Literature

Great News!

For those of you loyal followers who primarily speak Spanish, or have been teaching classes to papercrafters who primarily speak Spanish, you are in luck! We just translated our Stamping with Copic into Spanish! The brochure is available on our website, www.copicmarker.com/library available for download.


Nuevas noticias de Copic!

Para ustedes que primeramente hablan español, o enseñan clases de stamping o scrapbooking a individuos que hablan español, tenemos un anuncio! Copic ha traducido el brochure de Stamping with Copic a español! El brochure está disponible en nuestro sitio web, www.copicmarker.com/library disponible para su descarga.

Que les disfrute!


Rubber Princess said...

I am interested in the English version of Stamping with Copics and can't locate it in the Copic library. Please advise. Thanks.

marianne walker said...

To download the english version just click on the picture instead of the spanish link.

Alfred Gallardo said...

Good translation Marianne. If you ever need help with other translations I can help you. I'm also Spanish speaker.

Flor said...

Gracias, se aprecia mucho!