Monday, April 4, 2011

Survey Thank You

Thanks to all the wonderful comments over the weekend. It sounds like many of you had a bad experience once with an art teacher and have had that stick in your mind ever since.

No guarantees mind you, but this helps give me a direction I can gather more information on. Online classes are tricky to set up as flexibly as I would need to with my travel schedule, but I will see what I can do.

Meanwhile, I will try to post more beginner drawing things that might inspire you to doodle. If you can write letters, then you can draw pictures! Your drawings don't have to be big or complex, they can be small and meaningless. What matters is that YOU did it, and YOU are excited to get better :) School is not the only place to learn things, so keep trying, even if you haven't taken a class.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Recently I cleaned out my attic and found 8 large boxes of pictures that I've drawn, mostly in the last 13 years. Never give up! Once you've drawn 8 boxes worth of images then you can decide whether you're good or not.

Ok, I'll be posting tutorials and my regular stuff later this week. Those of you who won will be notified via e-mail. Thanks again for leaving your comments!


Michelle said...

No problem.... sometimes it's just hard to put what's in my head down on paper. Unless I'm really in the mood to draw then I can do almost anything except people..

Trena in Naperville said...

Love this post Marianne! I appreciate the way you encourage us!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Linda said...

Look forward to any help you can give beginners.

Jan Castle said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!! Love your frog by the way! So far my art only comes in the form of paper piecing, shaping, stamping and coloring - LOL!
Jan Castle

Lisa said...

Marianne! I am so excited that you will be adding tutorials as I would love to learn to draw. I love your drawings and love that I will be able to learn some things from you. I didn't get to take the challenge as I was not on my computer the last few days. I am so glad you had a positive response. You definitely have a positive response from me!
Big Hugs!

jenlynnie said...

i can not wait for these tutorials!! thanks so much for doing this.

Patricia St Martin said...

Marianne, Thank you so much for you wonderful information we get on your blog. I have been looking for some instructions on coloring different typs of metals. I did find one article from July 2007 It was part 1 on coloring Metal things but I could not find any thing else. I was wondering if I missed a part looking through you blog and if you could help me fine some information on that subject.
Also where can I order your book?

Thank you.

Marie Gamber said...

Thank you so much for your generous time and for sharing you wonderful talents with us!