Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Line Art Posters & Mermaid

Have you wanted larger images to color with your markers? We now sell large-format line art posters printed on high-quality paper, intended for coloring with Copic Markers.

Here is a sample of some of the artwork I colored from this new collection. It was fun to work on something so large. We have some posters that are 10" x 14" and some posters that are up to 22" x 32.5" Wow! That gives you a lot of space to create a beautiful work of art for your home or as a custom gift.

These are not paint by numbers, or fuzzy posters, simply high-quality line art posters by assorted artists. Each print is on paper that is intended for use with Copic markers.

I really had a lot of fun coloring these giant pictures. Copic markers make the images pop! I particularly liked how complex the wizard image was. I can't tell you how many colors it took to color, but when it was done, it was so worth it! If you are looking for something bigger to color, then I would strongly suggest that you pick up a few of these posters.

Coloring the Mermaid
Here is a close-up of an undersea poster that I am in the middle of coloring. It takes a long time to color each poster, but in the end it is really worth it!

I wanted to add lots of blue to her skin, as this mermaid is underwater, so I colored the skin with E000, YR01, E13, and E15, then added additional shadows to the skin with Boo, to give the hint of blue water. I colored the eyes and lips with BG13, E04, R14 and C3. Her hair is colored with a base of Y11, then I added E42 and E13/E15 for the deepest shadow areas, with a few dots of E04. Her tail is colored with E000 for highlights, then B00, BG13, B12, for the blue areas, with B34 in the shadows. The fringe/fin is colored with E000, RV02, Boo, and BG13. I threw B12 in the deepest shadows on the fringes and fin.

I hope you get a chance to order a few of these posters, and have fun tackling them.


Dutch Girl said...

I'm not an expert in paper types. But what kind of paper would you use for these larger sizes? I guess you also need a large printer as well?

marianne walker said...

Larger papers need to be ordered from the manufacturer, and we are selling the images pre-printed, as most people do not have a printer large enough to handle these images. If these were shrunk down to letter size, then the detail would be too fine and very difficult to color.

Jan Castle said...

Great coloring! Looks like a real challenge! TFS

Carrie said...

What is the paper like? It is similar to X-Press it?

Lisa said...

Wow Marianne! Your coloring as always is awesome! Love these new posters! I especially love your wizard! Looks like fun! I am going to try at least on! You are such an enabler! LOL!
Big Hugs!

~ Jo ~ said...

Marianne these are awesome! I'm super excited to get my hands on these!

marianne walker said...

The paper is very nice. Not quite as dense as the X-press it, closer to the softness of Neenah, but not exactly.