Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Unicorn Card

Herd of Unicorns
I am on my way to Kalamazoo, but I thought I would share a quick card I drew for a birthday recently. This was drawn with a 0.5 multiliner on Neenah Classic Crest card stock.

I quickly colored the bodies of the unicorns with BV31 and BV23. The manes are colored with B41 and BG72. The horns are colored with W1 and E42. No blending, merely a layer of light color, then a layer of the darker color over the top. Any blending is done simply by lifting up at the end of each marker stroke. I added a hint of W1 to the underside of the top unicorn to help his body stand out from the other unicorns.

The yellow airbrushed glow was made with Y02. I chose yellow for the background glow because it is the compliment to purple and I knew it would make the unicorns seem to pop off the page more.
There are two layers of unicorns, popped out with X-Press it Foam tape. The rhinestones are from Kaiser and Recollections.

Here is the sentiment that I made for the inside of the card. I thought you might enjoy this magical thought for the day, which you are welcome to share.

(By the way, On the card it said year, I have adapted it to say Day instead, in case you want to borrow this for Pintrest or Facebook).

Happy Mother's day, and have a great week. I'll see you in Kalamazoo!


pescbrico said...

What a wonderful card! You are very talented!

Lilygirl said...

Wonderful card!! You drew that...amazing!!

Kerry from the Beautiful Barossa Valley said...

I love unicorns!!! The yellow is just the right touch to make this image 'pop'

Robb_eeie said...

I would frame this and hang it in my purple eggplant room - aka my Craft Room :) Brillant MaryAnn :)

Kristy Zhang said...
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Chuck Brown said...


Nice content, this article is very help full for me and my friends.


Divyang Patel said...

I am impressed and now I am going make a card for my friend.

Word Collage

joanna said...

Nice card !!! i too love unicorns....i wanna place this in my personal room...