Friday, April 19, 2013

Certification Update

What a great Tracing Memories class we had on Tuesday! It was so relaxing, and everyone had a great time learning new skills. I've been working on a number of great pieces to share with my class, and I figured you would love to see one of my most recent colored photograph outlines. This picture was taken at our Copic team meeting last October, on the Willamette River, near Oregon City. I have been dying to color it since I first saw the image, since the tones are so rich and vibrant! Later I will show you a brief tutorial on how to color the nice, fluffy clouds from this piece. For now, it is time to update Certification classes...

Standard Papercrafting Certification
This is the best class to take if you are new to Copics, and just want to know all about the products and get ideas for how to use them better. This class is also a prerequisite for the Color & Ink workshop, so be sure to take this class first if you are planning on attending one of our other workshops or the Intermediate Certification class. For more details, please visit our website and download applications and information on each class. 

April 26, Greenville, SC taught by Cindy Lawrence 

May 3,  Lyndhurst, NJ taught by Lori Craig
May 24, Hanover, MD taught by Lori Craig
May 31, Columbus, OH taught by Cindy Lawrence
May 31, Salt Lake City, UT taught by Marianne Walker 

More classes are opening soon, so check the website frequently!

Intermediate Papercrafting Certification 
Do you enjoy the notes I write on my blog about adding shadows in strange colors, or tips on coloring quicker? If you want to know more about light and shadow, and how to color faces and hair, then this is the class for you!
Join us for a day chock-full of new ways to look at the world around you. Last year, these classes were sold out in record time, so don't wait to sign up! For more information and for applications, please visit our website.

April 27, Greenville, SC taught by Cindy Lawrence
May 4,  Lyndhurst, NJ taught by Lori Craig
May 25, Hanover, MD taught by Lori Craig

June 1, Columbus, OH taught by Cindy Lawrence 
June 1, Salt Lake City, UT taught by Marianne Walker

Color and Ink Workshop 
And...don't forget about our Workshops!  We have a few workshops coming up soon. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to play with inks, learn more in-depth techniques on faces & hair, airbrush your heart out, and a chance to experiment with Copics and mixed media, then participate in a group critique, this is the workshop for you!! We still have openings in our next few workshops:

May 3-4,  Boston, MA taught by Debbie Olson & Cindy Lawrence
May 24-25,  Calgary, Canada taught by Sherrie Siemens & Debbie Olson
June 7-8,  Toronto, Canada taught by Sherrie Siemens & Colleen Schaan

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Kelly Lunceford said...

I am interested in the May 31st class in SLC. Do you know where it will be held? Thanks