Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sky Tutorial continued

Finished Tree and Sky
Here is the final tree from yesterday. I colored the trunk with E33 and E29. I also threw in hints of B45 to gray it down. I also dabbed in a few spots of R22 into the leaves just for variety. You can't see it because it is subtle, but it is there.

I think I like how it came out. Now let's adapt this to another image that I will spend more time on. Remember, things far away or things in shadow are less vibrant, and tend to be cooler/bluer. If you want to learn more about this concept, take one of our Intermediate Certification classes, or register for an online class through Creative Ladder (there may a few hiccups with the launch so be patient!). By the way, if you like little hints like this, you really should also pick up a copy of the Copic Coloring Guide, Level 4: Fine Details
More Complex Tree/Sky
Let's look at another, more complex tree, with the sky colored in a similar way as yesterday. This time, both the tree and the sky are more complex. The tree again, is drawn with a 0.3 Warm Gray multiliner, on a piece of sketchbook paper.

This time, I used the BG000 with my colorless blender for clouds. Here is a link to the technique tutorial I made a few years ago for making this style of clouds. Very simple, but nice, subtle clouds.

Notice the fields in the distance, how I made sure to color those with the blue, darker farther away, and lighter blue close up. Again, I wasn't worried about going over the areas with leaves.

Here is the final complex tree. I used similar techniques to yesterday, of dotting on layers and layers of color to make the leaves. I just used a wider range of colors. The fields below the tree are all colored with Y11, it just looks farther away because of all the BG000 underneath. I did add YG11 and hints of E33 to the scrubby bushes off in the distance. Nothing high contrast.

Trunk: E33, E00, E27, E49, W5, Y11(for highlights) B41 (shadows).

Leaves: YG11, YG13, YG17, G24, G28, Y11, R22, C2, C5.

Sky: BG000, 0

Grass: Y11, YR21, E33, YG11, YG13, YG17, W1, W5 (shadows under the tree). Most of these colors I lightly flicked in with the tip of the brush. Notice the grass closest to the viewer has the most contrast, grass under the tree has a little less contrast, and the rest of the grasses just softly fade off in the distance.


Jan Castle said...

Really see the depth of field...so well done! TFS!!!!

Swr4him said...

Marianne - is it possible to sell copies of this image to practice this? I would love to purchase this image! Love the new book just like all the others.

marianne walker said...

Sorry! I colored my original, so I don't have copies of the original :(

Sachin Pagar said...

Nice work ur 1 of good artist

Sachin Pagar said...

Nice work ur 1 of good artist