Monday, June 22, 2009

New Blank Color Chart

I'm back from vacation and still catching up on things. If you have sent me an e-mail recently and I haven't responded please be patient. I have a lot of e-mails to get through.

Meanwhile, here's a file that should be helpful for those of you working on your Copic Collections. This is the revised color chart including the new 12 extra-pale Sketch colors. Print it on your most commonly used paper type to get the best results. This will be available on the Copic Website for download after the markers are available to the public.


Beverly said...

Just a basic question. This is probably somewhere on your site so if you will point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I am just finding out about Copic markers - I know - where have I been?! Where do I start? What's the best set to start with? Thanks for your patience with a newcomer. I'm so excited about starting to use them.

TN Granny said...

Thank you Marianne for sharing this with us. I started in December and as of June 22 I own 135 sketch pens. I am a certified copic's girl and color at least once a day. I love your blog and appreciate all you share with us.
God Bless,

Kristin Lindstrom said...

Thank you!!!! A much easier way to keep track of the colors I have. Thanks for sharing!!

Tina said...

THANK YOU so much for this!!! I was just trying to figure out LAST NIGHT... how to make myself a color chart. What a coinky dinky!! Thanks again!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

Thanks for the updated chart Marianne! I plan to adding some of the new colors to my collection.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

shulsart said...

Marianne, will the new colors be Sketch and Original only? Thanks for the chart update.

Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

Awesome, Marianne!! Thank you! BTW, I posted a card using Copics on my Cuttlebug embossing folder. :)That was fun to do!

Tac-Tics said...


One hint of advice. I got the 36 marker Sketch set a month ago. It has a very nice variety of colors, but it notably lacks skin tones. I had to pick up E000, E00, and E11 on the side, and after that, I was very happy. Alternatively, I think the "Manga" sets come with skin tones, and they may be a better bargin. To be sure, the colors in the manga sets can be used for non-manga style art as well.

Read up on the differences between the different kinds of markers. The original copics (the square ones) have a firm tip and are better suited for technical drawing. The copic Sketch markers are oval shaped and have a delightful brush tip which is just perfect for doing all sorts of artsy effects.

Don't miss out on the copic multiliner pens. You can probably use any permanent pen to ink with, but the multiliners are advertised as "water and copic proof".

Kim said...

Woo Hoo I can't wait to get me some new markers!!! Thanks for the new chart! :)

I have a question there a reason the copic sites do not open? I have tried clicking on the ones on the side of your blog and it says "Badwidth Limit Exceeded. The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later."

Not sure why I can't access them?!

Hugs~ Kim

Alicia said...

Hi Marianne! Just ordered the new colors and can't wait to get them!

Will the updated color chart be available in PDF soon? I was having a hard time with the JPG version. Thanks!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this!