Monday, May 17, 2010

Back from Australia

I think I'm finally getting caught up after my trip to Australia. Before I get caught up in other updates I wanted to share a few things from our Fabulous trip to Australia. Lori posted some great photos on her blog as well.
Paper in Australia
One of the first questions I get from people in other countries always seems to be "What is a good paper?" I had a couple e-mails bugging me about paper types for the land down under. If you live in Australia and have been looking for a good paper to use with Copic markers, then you are in luck!

Lori and I tested X-Press It's Copic Blending Card and we fell in love. If you are familiar with Neenah, this paper blends much like Neenah, but bleeds less and you can put more layers of color on the paper before it gets oversoaked. It's only available in Australia and New Zealand, so if you live down there be sure to check it out.

Image: Drawn with a 0.1mm Multiliner on X-Press It Blending Card. Colors used: E31,E00, E33, E35, E13, BG10, E27, E29, E000, E11, E04, R32, R29, R59, Y38, Y11, W1

Certifications In Australia
Part of the reason Lori and I went to Australia was to train the new regional instructors for Australia and New Zealand. Before I go any further, I need to remind you that any Certification classes held outside of North America are exclusively coordinated by the Copic Distributor for that country. Since Australia now has a program up and running, any inquiries we get about certification from someone in Australia or New Zealand will be forwarded to that distributor.

Congrats to the new Certification team in Australia! Pictured in the photo, from Left to right: Jacqui (Distributor), Debra James, Kathy Jones, Mandi Klinger, and Jonny (Distributor). We had a fabulous time training them, and I urge you to go visit their blogs and get inspired by their fabulous designs. They are all very talented, fun, inspiring ladies. Our hosts, Jacqui and Jonny were wonderful and so sweet (and they kept feeding my sweet-tooth). I can't wait to go back to Australia sometime to color with everyone once again!

Upcoming Certifications in Australia-
There are lots of classes and events coming up this year in Australia From Brisbane to Perth, so for more info on upcoming classes please visit the Australian Copic Events listings here. I know that you will have a great experience taking a class from any of these fabulous ladies. There is so much great information available, and you can be assured that they are teaching the same official certification program that we have here in North America.

Whew! OK, now that I've had a chance to unwind from Australia, tomorrow I'll post updates on all classes we have coming up on this continent. Have a great week!


Susan said...

Congratulations to the new Aussie team! I'll go check out your blogs and the class schedules. That's great news :)

KathyJ (Wattle) said...

Thanks so much Marianne!! It was awesome having you come to Australia and I look forward to you coming back! :)

Mandi-Lee said...

I can't wait until we can colour again together!!!!

Dawn said...

Congrats to the team!!
Looks like all had FUN!!!

Nora said...

Congrats to the new Aussie team! More blogs to visit - love it!!

Welcome back home, Marianne, we've missed you!!!

Sammi said...

It was awesome to attend Certification with you in Sydney! THANKS!! :D