Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New 12 colors artwork

I promised last week when I posted the new 12 colors that I would show the artwork I drew for the new colors. I just finished coloring it, so I figured I would share, before I forget which colors I used.

Drawing the Marker Set
For this illustration, I was having a hard time getting the angles right on the marker set, so I created a guide in Adobe Illustrator to draw from. On something angular like a set of markers, this works well.

I don't like using rulers when I draw, since the computer does it better anyways, so rather than sketching this by hand and messing with a ruler or straight edge, I drew it all on the computer, scaled it to the size I needed, then used this as the base for my drawing.

I sketched it with my light table, using a o.o3mm multiliner onto nice paper. Then I scanned the drawing in and cleaned up the lines slightly. I printed it out onto thin, nice paper. I prefer coloring larger pictures on thin paper, as it uses less ink. This final artwork is about 7"x7"
I colored the final with T2, T4, T6, BG93, BG90, BG58, B000, B00, E81, E84, E89, E04, R56, V20, V22, V25, BV35, RV52, G43, G46, YR30, YR27.

For those of you who are starting to notice shadows, pay attention to the B00 and BG93 that I threw into the shadows. I did this to liven up the shadows and liven up the artwork. Note that I also added YR30 and B00 into the highlights. I added the rough sketchy lines in the background to liven those areas up as well. You probably don't notice much of this at first, but it helps to add variety to the whole. I did very little blending on this illustration, except for the purple/gray marker label, and even then I tried to keep it sketchy.

Again, new colors should be available in February, so get ready!


robin cox walsh said...

Nice sketch! (I'd love to know how you used Illustrator to draw the lines. I’m not familiar with Illustrator.)

Cindy O said...

Beautiful drawing and coloring. Thanks for showing us how you do that!

lennie said...

I read you blog all the time and you are amazing! I was wondering if you sell, or no who does sell a "coloring book" for people who want to practice with their copic markers. I have been searching for something that I can take with me when I wait for my children. Thanks!

Debbie Olson said...

Love it, Marianne!

Jan Castle said...

Wonderful drawing, coloring, and explanation! TFS.
P.S. I have seen coloring books that can be used for copics at 'The Merri Artist' in McMinnville, OR.

lennie said...

Jan - Can you get them online? Although I grew up in Oregon, I now live in the South! Thanks for the help!

lennie said...

I looked at the website and couldn't find anything. Do you happen to remember any titles?

Sallie said...

Marianne, your postings are so helpful and I really look forward to every one. I have learned a lot through you; thank you!

May I link with you on my blog? I have written about how much I use COPICs and how I love them, and I think my readers would really enjoy all the goodies you so generously share.

I call my blog The Late Blooming Artist and you can find me at http://sallieshippen.info

Please stop by and visit. And keep up the great work. Sallie

marianne walker said...

sallie, thanks for asking! I have no problem if people wish to link to my blog. have fun coloring!

Maire Gamber said...

Love the tutorial Marianne! thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

This is such a fabulous drawing!