Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Demo Tomorrow, Winnipeg Canada

I realized that I forgot to mention to all my blog friends that this week I am in Winnipeg, Canada demoing at Artist's Emporium. Tomorrow evening you can come see me from 7pm-10pm at their AMAZING annual open house.  Food, Prizes, posters, freebies, and more await you!

Today I drew this fun pirate picture and colored it at the demo. Sometime next week I will try and post a few step-outs of the coloring process, though I may forget the colors I used.

Meanwhile, if you are in Winnipeg, I hope to see you there! If you aren't in Winnipeg, come take one of my upcoming classes in a city near you: in a few weeks in Pittsburgh and Salt Lake, or in the Chicago area at the end of May.


marilynwillauer said...

Quite impressive! Beautifully colored, love this image.

paper fun said...

Love it! The ship is magnificent! Is it available as a digi?


paper fun said...
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Judys said...

I do hope you will leave a little of the technique you used in this wonderful colored picture. I notice the sail and the mermaid have kind a marbled effect and I love that! Would love to know.
Can't come; Alas,a California girl

Linda said...

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ngocanhng said...

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