Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coloring a knight in armor

Shiny Metal
A few weeks ago I was at a demo up in Winnipeg, Alberta. I had a chance to make a quick sketch of a knight and color it in the second day of their open house event. I don't remember exactly what colors I used, but I will try and guess as I show you a few step-by-step pictures.

I drew this guy with a 0.05mm multiliner onto Copic Alcohol Marker Pad paper. Then, I photocopied my outlines onto the new Art Paper Pack paper (Copic Sketchbook paper).

I began coloring his blue surcoat. I think I used B000, B32, B45, BV13, Y00, and maybe a couple others. Notice how I left the highlights on each wrinkle a clean, crisp white. This enhances the shadows and adds a nice contrast on a fabric that is supposed to appear pale.

Then I moved onto his reflective metal. Notice the strong contrast, the bright whites that I left, right next to the dark grays. I used a wide range of the cool gray markers, then added highlights of Y00, and extra shadows with B000.

I can't remember what colors I used on the back of the shield, but I gradually built up colors and contrast until I got the look I wanted.

Notice the light sketch suggesting a background. I didn't want hard lines to define the background or foreground, as I wanted to keep the knight the most important/highest contrast  object in the picture.

I kept working around his image, darkening the chain mail with the same cool grays I used on the shinier metal areas.

On his arm bands, I wanted a different feel. I honestly don't remember what material I was trying to achieve, just something kinda dusty so it didn't conflict with the other metal in his ensemble. The leather straps were closed with a range of E11, E13, E15, E18, and some grays.

Again, notice how I left strong contrast on the metal sword, but included faint highlights of pale yellow to enhance the white areas.

Here is a quick photo of the final image. I colored the cape with R24, R29, R59, Y00, and B39.

To simulate depth of field in the illustration, I kept my highest contrast on grass and shrubs in the foreground, with details and color range getting lost as it heads off into the distance. I finished up with highlights of Opaque White on many of the metal objects.

Overall, I liked this more when I was drawing and coloring it, but now that I look at it a month later, it's hard for me not to see the flaws. (We tend to be our own worst critics sometimes)

If you are working on a piece of art, don't get hung up on the flaws! Just try next time to do it better. I know what I want to change next time I draw a knight. However, the parts I really like are the colors on the surcoat and cape. I also like how I colored the helmet and steel boots.

Meanwhile, don't forget to come visit me at my free book signing events for my Coloring Flowers book!

Friday, May 29, 1-4pm, U of O Bookstore, Eugene OR
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Jan Castle said...

Awesome Knight Maryanne!!!
Paper Hugs,

Swr4him said...

Marianne is there a resource for using the various tips for our markers? What I mean is that I have some original markers and understand that there is a brush for it. When I go to the stores, there are so many that I am completely confused. Love your coloring book. I am in a cast so great time for playing with my markers. I purchased my markers when they first came to the States in 09, I think and they continue to amaze me. You do so much to help us. My grandchildren want me to do the "bug" as they call it. Blessings. Come to Ohio!!!

Mikisasha said...

I would love it if you came to Alberta as I would be the first to sign up for a class! Sadly however, if you were in Winnipeg, you were in Manitoba and a ways away from me! 😉 I really love your work!

marianne walker said...

Ah, good catch, yes, my layover was in Calgary, Alberta, and I lumped Winnipeg in the same province, I'm sorry!!

marianne walker said...

Ok, on the site, you want the "brush" nib for Copics, not the "super brush" . Its been many years since I've visited Ohio, but I'll put your vote down :)

Swr4him said...

Thank you Marianne.

littlesavedgirl said...

I'm so thankful for your generously sharing your gifts with us :)

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