Friday, June 24, 2016

Giveaways and events

Summer is here and a lot is going on. I'll get through some announcements, then we'll move on to more fun stuff. If you want to see the live video from the last post on coloring some beautiful goldfish and koi, you can find it Here.

Win a free class in 2017
First, if you didn't know, there is a great blog-hop contest going on right now for the Copic Paper Crafting team. Start playing along on Debbie Olson's blog, then work your way through the questions and email the answers for your chance to win a free class from us in 2017. Hurry! You only have until tomorrow to register!

Upcoming Shows & Events
This Summer Copic can be found at some great comic conventions, so look for us at:

July 1-4th, Anime Expo, Los Angeles,  I'll be teaching coloring workshops along with a host of other talented artists, so come see us!

9th - Main Street Stamping, Tigard, OR This class is perfect for adults getting into basic coloring with Copic products. Contact the store for registration details and to find out about future classes.

July 21-24, Comic Con, San Diego Stop by our booth to pick up your favorite art tools

August 4-7 Gen-Con in Indianapolis, IN There will be ongoing classes in creature design, coloring, and map-making for gamers.

Sept. 1-3 Salt Lake Comic Con, SLC, UT stop by our booth for tips on using your favorite art supplies.

Local Kids events
Summertime is my chance to teach a number of local classes to preschoolers, kids, and teens. Check out my list of awesome art workshops:

29th Preschool Storytime at Eugene Library  Free for your little ones! 10:15 am and 11am

8th Preschool Storytime at Sheldon Library, Eugene  Free for your little ones! 10:00 am

14th Fern Ridge Library, Veneta, OR 1:30pm Teen Art workshop

15th  Preschool Storytime at Bethel Library, Eugene  Free for your little ones! 10:00 am

20th Teen Classes at Eugene Library Alcohol Ink painting and coloring with Copic Markers
21st Teen Classes at Bethel Library, Eugene Alcohol Ink painting and coloring with Copic Markers
22nd Teen Classes at Sheldon Library, Eugene Alcohol Ink painting and coloring with Copic Markers

28th Kid's class at Springfield Library, Springfield OR 1-2:30pm Design shoes with Copic Markers

Wow! That's a lot of great events for people to attend this Summer! I hope to see you at one of these awesome places.


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