Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Intermediate Class? What's it about?

There has been a bit of confusion about the Intermediate Certification classes. I'm hoping to clear that up with this post. If you still have questions, please ask, and either myself or one of our regional instructors will be happy to answer your questions.

Have you ever spent hours working on a card project, just to step back, look at it, and hate it? You don't know why it doesn't work, you just know that it is missing something. This is what the Intermediate Certification is all about: Taking your hard work to the next level so that you can have fewer failures and recognize better what your project needs to make it POP!

• Who can attend Intermediate Certifications?
Anyone who has taken a standard certification. Not just store owners or people who would usually get first priority in a Standard Certification, but ANYONE is eligible as long as they have already completed Certification before they apply.

• Is the application hard?
Not really. The one tricky place is where we need to see an example of feather blending, but if you follow the directions in this post you should do just fine. Don't be afraid to apply simply because you need to work on feather blending! If all your other examples are great, then I may look over imperfect feather blends.

• How often will these classes be held?
There will probably only be one Intermediate class per quarter, so if a class comes up in your area SIGN UP! We won't have a second class in the same area if we don't get enough applications for the first class.

• What is discussed at the Intermediate Class?
The day starts with a discussion on light and shadows. Then we work into the color of shadows, color theory, and on to types of lighting. From there we move on to composition and layout- making your whole project look better together- and on to coloring hair, faces, etc. We finish the day with a coloring project that ties all the concepts into each other, and tie in self-critiques along the way.

• But I'm not an Artist, I don't think I'm good enough.
You don't have to be an artist to enjoy these classes. These concepts are taught specifically to papercrafters, not artists. If you love reading the tutorials on light and shadow here on my blog, you want more, but are still confused, then these classes give you the hands-on opportunity to learn and have someone explain it one on one. We want to help EVERYONE feel more artistic and creative, no matter what their background.

• Is the class worth it?
Yes! You get a full day of instruction that continues into the evening from one of our top-notch instructors. A 48 page manual that has a blank copy of every image colored throughout the book that you can go home and practice with, as well as lighting guides and a mini-portfolio. You get a lapel pin and a badge for your blog once you have completed the class. Best of all, you are learning concepts that will help you time and again, not just in papercrafting, but in any creative field.

So what are you waiting for? Download an application today and apply! You'll learn a lot more than you think, and the content is totally different than what is covered in a standard certification. If you still have questions, or think you're not good enough to attend then send me a note and we'll see what we can do to help you.

There are currently still spaces open for the L.A. class. Classes are limited in size so attendees get more time directly working with the instructor. Register early to make sure you can get in. Sherrie and Debbie are ready for an exciting L.A. class. We are expecting the Phoenix class in April with Colleen and Debbie to fill quickly once applications are sent out, so register early!

Click here for applications. Meanwhile, we've got an exciting blog hop coming up this weekend, with new releases for 2011, so stay tuned!


Cassie said...

After taking the first class, and loving my Copics as much as I do, lol (my husband got me an air compressor for Christmas), I really hope you all come to the Atlanta area with one of these classes!

Susie said...

I want to take the Intermediate Class when it's in my area but the link for the coloring page is not loading on my computer. Screen remains blank when I click on it.

~Antoinette (inspired stamps) said...

I just want to encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take this class....TAKE IT!!
I took it at Chicago this year and it has really taken my work to the next level. Not only is the instruction invaluable, but getting to be with other Copic-lovers and watching them color next to you will really give you new insights!!
It's really worth the money and the time you spend there!!
I can't wait to take it again one day!!

Colleen Schaan said...

Cassie, I (Colleen) will be teaching an intermediate certification class probably in Savannah in the fall... be watching for updates!

Susie... you can cut/paste this link for the application site...


Laura P said...

Would LOVE to take the Intermediate class and boost my skills! Please, please have one in the Mid-Atlantic (I live in No. VA). I drove to PA for my certification class!

JoAnne said...

I am taking my 1st certification class on the 16th and am so excited. Your blog has been such a huge resource for me and so many others. Thanks for the chance to win a swatchbook!

Jane Matsumoto said...

Hi Marianne! I am hoping that there is still space available. I am working on the application right now... should have it sent in by Monday morning.

kellyisascrapdiva said...

Thanks for letting us know about this class. I am anxious to take it. Do you have any idea when the intermediate classes will be coming to the Raleigh/Durham, NC area? I can't wait to take this class. I took the first class with Jenn and it was a blast!

Serena Thomson said...

Wow ..they will provide lapel pins and a badge for us blog once we complete the class?