Monday, January 17, 2011

Upcoming Certifications

Its a new year, and I've had a chance to show you many new and exciting products coming out at the Winter CHA trade show in a few weeks. We also are starting to fill our calendars with Spring Certification classes, so sign up right away for the classes listed below. So you know, there will be fewer Standard Copic Certifications this year, since we are adding Intermediate Certifications. If there is a class coming in your area, register EARLY as they are filling fast!

Standard Certifications, North America
(Note: For International Attendees- We try to accommodate as many as possible, however, our training program is exclusively for North America and we need to save priority placement for US and Canadian attendees. As a courtesy, about once a month I will try to share upcoming European and Australian classes, however, Copic Certifications are currently not offered in any other territories).

Jan. 28 Los Angeles, CA (CHA) taught by Jennie Black Open to Public - only a couple spaces left!! Register now!
March 6 Sacramento, CA-taught by Jennie Black Open to stores & Designers- Filling Fast!
March 14 Edmonton, AB - taught by Sherrie Siemens Open to stores & Designers - Filling Fast!
March 19 St. Louis, MO - taught by Lori Craig Open to stores & Designers

Upcoming Certifications- Applications have not gone out:
April 10 Phoenix, AZ - Taught by Jennie Black

Intermediate Certifications
I must say, the people who have attended the Intermediate Certification classes so far have loved them. Sherrie and Debbie came to the Copic warehouse to have a test run of the new class and train the program organizers. The response was great! Nancy, our wonderful Certification coordinator thinks that everyone who can take the opportunity to attend an Intermediate class should jump at it, as she learned so much in one short day. You learn more than just coloring- from card layout to shadows and basic color theory. A must-have class for the cardmaker who wants to take their work to a whole new level.

ANYONE who has already attended a Standard Certification is eligible to apply to the Intermediate class.

Jan. 27 Los Angeles, CA (CHA) taught by Debbie Olson & Sherrie Siemens subject to approved application, a few spaces still available

April, 11, Phoenix, AZ taught by Debbie Olson & Colleen Schaan Applications are not available yet

If you need an application for either Intermediate or Standard certifications, you can download one here. Be sure to download the class information page as well as the application when you get to the application list on our website.


Lori Barnett said...

April 11th Inter. in Phx!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!

Shana said...

Any chance you will be offering Intermediate class in Edmonton or Calgary Alberta soon?

Jane Matsumoto said...

I took the one with Sherrie and Debbie in January. It was fantastic!