Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upcoming classes

Saturday, I will be teaching a Certification class in Coos Bay, OR. Will you join me? There is still room left in that class. Friday night, before the class, we will have an Open House at Memories of Time in Coos Bay. For those of you in other places around the country, it is time to give a brief update on Certification classes coming up.

Upcoming North American Standard Certification classes
June 18th Coos Bay, OR taught by Marianne Walker Open to Public
June 23rd Wichita, KS taught by Lori Craig Open to Public
June 23rd, Lexington, KY taught by Colleen Schaan Open to Public
July 7th, Syracuse, NY taught by Colleen Schaan Open to Public, Bring a friend!

July 16th Houston, TX
taught by Jenn Balcer Open to Public
July 18, Chicago, IL (Before Summer CHA) taught by Lori Craig Open to stores & Designers
Aug. 7th Manhattan, NY taught by Lori Craig and Jenn Balcer Open to stores & Designers

Classes Opening Soon, applications have NOT gone out yet:
Aug. 8th Appleton, WI taught by Debbie Olson
Aug. 26 Oklahoma City, OK taught by Lori Craig
Sept 8th Savannah GA taught by Colleen Schaan
Sept 22nd Orlando, FL taught by Collen Schaan
Sept. 30 Portland ME taught by Lori Craig

Intermediate Certification
Intermediate Papercrafting Certification classes are popular! These classes are open to ANYONE who has taken the standard Certification class, and who wants to learn how to color and design more like an artist.

June 18th, Calgary, AB taught by Sherrie Siemens FULL
June 23rd Wichita, KS taught by Debbie Olson Now Open
July 17th Chicago, IL taught by Debbie Olson Filling fast!

To register for any of these classes or to download class info, please check our Certification page on the Copic Website. If you have any questions, please e-mail for details.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Copic Animation: Make a Face

For a bit of fun, I have a neat little video to share with you today, made by some animation friends down in California. This is a really fun little animation made with a bit of clay and Copic Markers. Check it out! Meanwhile, I hope to see you at the Certification class and Ink & Art class in Indiana this weekend.