Friday, June 20, 2008

Simple Bricks

I'll talk more about the differences between markers next week, when I'm back from Seattle, meanwhile, it's been a few days since I showed a cool technique, so here's a fun one.

For those of you who haven't taken a class from me, this is one of my favorite, simple techniques, and is great for making a quick patterned background for a small area.

First, start with a streaky colored area. In this case, since I'm going with bricks, I am choosing some orange/browns and layering them sort of randomly, but still all streaks are in the same direction. Why did I streak with a few colors? It adds a pleasing, uneven but similar color to your overall brick pattern.

Next, using the chisel end of a colorless blender in any marker style, touch the angled side down and hold it there for a few seconds. The browns will get pushed out in the same shape as the marker tip. If you hold the tip too long in one place the spot will get round and fuzzy, so practice to get the ideal "brick". Good paper will help keep these edges crisp as well. Be sure to lay your bricks in the direction of the streaks, so you'll get more of a consistent color to your bricks.

Remember, in good brick-mason style to stagger your rows of bricks. Also, the colorless blender will make lighter colored bricks. If you want darker bricks, then try a color that is similar to the colors you first streaked with, but still a few numbers lighter on the last digit. This assures that you're pushing out the color already on your paper. If you use a dark color it just covers up your pretty undercolor. See how the E31 leaves more muted bricks than the blender? Either one looks good though. Make an occasional brick darker for even more artistic effect.

This technique can get tedious over large areas, but it is great when used for a limited background, or if you want to make a brick path, house, or other element of a larger picture. Debbie Olson sort of used this technique to add bricks to a Thomas Kincade stamp by Cornish Heritage Farms once (sorry, it was a while ago or else I could give you a link).

The background for this butterfly stamp was colored in the same manner, except I used an assortment of streaky pinks/light purples to make my base coat (R22, RV11, V12, V01 and maybe a few others). Then I used the blender pen in a random pattern to give a confetti look to the streaks. Experiment with different color combos, and holding the chisel tip at different angles to get different patterns. Want a woven sweater? Use the point of the chisel for an even finer effect and layer it in the same way.

Image: Butterfly stamp by Karen Lockhart Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black Paper: Neenah Classic Crest Cardstock Markers for butterfly: V15, R39, BG72


Lynn Mercurio said...

Oh what a great tip. Thanks so much!!!

Just Painting Around said...

I was just rolling an idea around in my head of something I wanted to do and was trying to figure out how. This is it! Thanks so much for sharing right when I needed it!

Sandy Knecht said...

That is a terrific tip. I would never have thought to do that. I'll try it on my scenic stamping. Thanks

Paula said...

This is a very cool technique! Thanks!

Swr4him said...

So many great tips! What colors in copic markers would be equivalent to Red-Orange on the Color Wheel? I am trying to make up triad combination with YG and BV. Thanks again.

marianne walker said...

A good deep Red-orange would be YR07 or YR09. R08 is really close to either of these colors as well.

Lori Barnett said...

This is totally cool! I tried it like 5 times already :) hubby used to be a mason for like EVER! So I though he would think this was pretty cool. So...I showed it to him and he was like "cool" ??? I wanted to smack him!! ha ha. Cool?? just cool??? IT'S WAY COOL! Another "MEN" moment ;)

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