Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fixing Stamp Lines

Yesterday afternoon my internet at work went out and I didn't get through all my e-mails, so if you asked me a question, please have patience! Meanwhile, a quick post about stamping.

Something happened to me a day or so ago that I'm sure has never happened to you, so I figured I'd share my experience :)

I had the perfect scrap of paper, the perfect size stamp, and I knew what colors I was going to use. I ink it up, and stamp. Oh bother, I missed a spot while inking. Now I have to go use a full sheet of paper to get a clean impression. What a waste.

Actually, this didn't happen.

I had the perfect stamp, I had the perfect size of paper, I knew what colors, I inked up and I missed a spot. No problem. I reached for my black Copic multiliner in a size that matched my stamp line and I fixed my image. No paper wasted and my line won't bleed when I color over it.

Copic Multiliners are pigment based, archival, acid free, and come in two body styles- disposable in 9 different sizes / 5 colors or refillable Multiliner SP's in 10 different sizes and 12 colors in two sizes.

These pens are perfect, since I know that if I have a line I missed and I draw it back in with my multiliner it won't bleed when I color over it on matte cardstock. The different point sizes are perfect, since each stamp has a different line width. note: On glossy or coated papers let it dry well so it doesn't bleed when you color over it. These are waterproof, so if you're going to watercolor a picture these will work great. I strongly suggest that if you work with stamps, get these pens for fixing mistakes. Keep a few line widths in your supplies, right next to your favorite stamp pads.

I personally love the Multiliner SP pens for all my illustrations as well, since they will last me forever. If I ever break a tip, I just swap it out, if I run out of ink, I get a new cartridge. They are a fine quality inking pen that I truly love. (On a side note, these are also the very pens that Karen Lockhart uses for drawing her stamps).

You may not consider yourself an artist, but they're also great for adding a bit of grass or a ground line to your work that looks like it came with the picture. Add swirls, patterns, dots, and if you match the line width of your stamp, no one will know that it didn't come on that image originally! This is a great way to personalize your coloring. Match a pattern on your image to your paper. Use a super-fine line pen to add really tiny details. Experiment! Try the colored multiliners to draw details in that won't get blended out when you color over them.

Stamp images: Pears by Lockhart Stamps, Tire Swing by AMuse, ink: Memento Tuxedo Black Paper: Neenah cardstock


Christi Flores said...

I have had this happen to me several times. This is going on top of my "to buy" list! :)

Tina W. (TeaDub) said...

I love the refillable Multiliners and have a few of them in different line widths. They definitely come in handy to fix a stamped image and also to write a sentiment directly onto your card if you don't have a stamped one. I would definitely recommend investing in the the refillable ones that cost a little more than the disposable ones because you can also replace the tips. My son got a hold of one of mine and damaged the tip and all I had to do was change out the tips and could still use the ink.

Judy in Indiana said...

Great tip. I can't beleive you don't get more comments. I am sure lots of people read your tips. i come everyday and I thank you very much!

Lori Barnett said...

I have done this....but not with Copic. I'm gonna have to get myself a couple of these babies!! :)

shulsart said...

How funny, I just posted to my blog last night an ATC on which I used the multi liner to fill in part of the scene. I find them very useful for extending a stamped image, or correctly a bare spot around a masked image. They are also excellent for coloring minute details, like fencing and tree trunks on scenic images, Sepia is just perfect for that. Anywhere a super fine point is needed these pens are the answer. Great work on your blog, Marianne.

Novell said...

I use my Copic multiliners almost exclusively just for this purpose! Works like a charm every time!

Kathie Bailey said...

Great tip Marianne. I have a full set of theses and never thought about "embellishing" my stamped images with them. Thanks!

Simone P. said...

I am so glad you have a blog..you have the best tutorials...it is like a free class everyday! THANKS!

Sandy Knecht said...

How did I miss this yesterday. I'll have to go look for that Multiliner. Thanks for the tip!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

You ROCK! I could read your blog for hours! LOVE the stunning colour you get. :0)

Michelle M White said...

How fun to see that A Muse stamp! See you in Chicago!

Jonas Smith said...

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