Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Frequently asked questions

Here are some more questions and tips that I take for granted, but it may be news to some of you. Let me know if you have any Copic questions that you're dying to have answered. Have a great day!

Q. Without looking at the diagram printed on the marker barrel, how can I tell which end is the brush on a Sketch or Ciao marker?

A. The end with the brush has the darker gray band where the cap meets the barrel of the marker. On a Copic original marker, the darker gray end is the fine point.

Q. Can I draw my outlines with a black marker then color them in with marker?

A. No, it will bleed. The black marker is meant to blend with the colored markers, so it will feather, bleed into the colored area, and look bad if used for outlines. Use a black inking pen like a Copic Multiliner or other waterproof, pigment based pen without oil in it. If you really want to draw your outlines with a black Copic marker, then just photocopy your artwork and color in the photocopy.

When I started on this picture the fine line drawn by the 100 black Copic was about the same width as the 0.8 mm multiliner. After coloring with my yellow look at how it smudged and bled. Yuck!

Q. How long will a marker last before it needs to be refilled?

A. This depends on what surface you are coloring on. Softer, more absorbent papers will suck your marker dry sooner than dense, tightly woven papers. Copic Original markers also hold more ink to begin with than Sketch or Ciao, so they will last longer before they need to be refilled. Also, the more you layer a color in one spot, the denser the color gets in that area so it won’t cover as many sheets.

A Copic original marker on regular copier paper will evenly cover 5 letter sheets and streak for a 6th page.

A Sketch Marker will evenly cover 4 sheets and streak for another 3/4 sheet. I haven't tested it for a Ciao, but it should be about 3 sheets and streak for another 1/2 or so.

A Wide marker will evenly cover 4 sheets and streak for another 2 sheets.

If you think it's time to refill then go visit my directions for refilling.


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