Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back from A Long trip

I apologize for being missing for so long. I'm still not entirely sure I'm really here again. We taught 4 certification classes this week and my mind is still in a blur. Thank you to all the fabulous crafters we met this week.

I need to update the upcoming Certification classes. Each class is $120 and runs from 9am to 4pm. No supplies needed, since you will walk away with a whole pile of neat stuff and ideas. Check dates and locations below for upcoming events-

• Now open to the public •
e-mail me for applications
Savage, MD April 5th Taught by Sally Lynn
Kingsport, TN April 19th Taught by Sally Lynn
San Francisco, CA April 22nd Taught by Marianne

• Upcoming, contact me for applications •
Chino, CA April 26th Taught by Sally Lynn
Rockland, MA May 17th Taught by Sally Lynn
Smithville, OH May 31st Taught by Sally Lynn
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA June 6th Taught by Sherrie Siemens

• Applications going out soon, sign up on the sidebar to get on mailing lists
Belmont, NH June 14th
Durham, NC June 28th
Orlando, FL July, day before CHA
Portland, OR (May or early June, date TBA) sign up for mailing list
Texas- Dates TBA (Late Summer or Fall) sign up for mailing list
Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta (July, dates TBA) sign up for mailing list

• Canceled •
May 3rd, Rotterdam, NY

I know that there are may places across this world that people would like to see a Certification. While we cannot fit every location in 2009, we are looking at 2010. We try to keep our locations about 2-3hrs apart, so if you live within 2 or 3 hrs. drive of an upcoming city then that might be the closest it will come to you for quite a while. Just know that we feel your pain and want to come visit all of you!


Teresa said...

Marrianne, I am so excited to see Portland Oregon on the list! The short time you spent with us at Stampin' Cat Studio a few weeks ago was way to short!

Codi Jo said...

Hope we could see a certification in the midwest. like Kansas city, des moines, Stlouis, or minneapolis Thanks

Create It Simply said...

I couldn't make it to Kansas City last time. Would love to see St Louis on the list for 2010 :)

Unknown said...

Hi Marianne! Thanks for a great class in Toronto on Tuesday. It was great meeting you!


dmurray407 said...

Marianne, I would love tosee a Minneapolis class in 2010! :-)

Amy Leggate- Paper Romance said...

So Great to meet you in Toronto on Tuesday Marianne!! You really are an amazing artist! Thanks for the Great Class!

Maria said...

HI Marianne! It was awesome meeting you in CT last week. You are an amazing artist! Thanks for a great class!

Trisha said...

Marrianne, is the June 14th class in Belmont, NH in place of Manchester, NH?

Anonymous said...

Hi Marianne! I really enjoyed your class in Toronto this week! I don't think that Vulcan Mind Meld worked, tho ;) I posted your turtle on my blog :)

Klick Here said...

I'm here on behalf of all Arizona stampers, begging for you to come visit us in the desert!

Ann said...

Yeah!! Portland!! I guess I'm already on the list. Can't wait to see the date you finally pick and hope I'm in town. Saving my pennies.

Roxie said...

I would love for you to come to St. Louis.

Margaret said...

I'm so happy that there will be a class in Texas. I sure hope I make it into the class.

Crissy Armstrong said...

Marianne, thank you so very much for traveling to Toronto. You are a FANTASTIC teacher, AND a jaw-dropping AMAZING artist!! I was THRILLED to be there and you had my full attention during the class. I had many eye opening experiences because of you. I LOVED IT!!! I'm excited about where my practicing will now take me, now that I know what to shoot for. Good for you, and thank your hubby and kids too for giving you the freedom to travel and share your skills and talents with those of us who ned your inspiration. God bless you my dear!!!!! HUGS!!!

June said...

If a certification class is now open to the public (Kingsport, TN) and you applied as a teacher, do you need to reapply to take the class? How do we get notified if we are in the class? Thanks, June Welch

Anonymous said...

Thanks for traveling to the east coast for the Mystic, CT certification. You and Sally Lynn did a wonderful job. You make the techniques look so effortless, I will continue to practice and I might be able to accomplish them. You are so creative. You looked like you were in the zone during the workshop afterwards while you were making your little island oasis. Your creativity inspires me. Thank You.

Mary said...

It was great meeting you in Toronto! - and I really appreciate you giving us that mini shadow lesson on the 2 bunnies! Thanks again!

Denise said...

Is Chicago in the foreseeable future?

Cyndi said...

I am interested in the April training in Chino, Ca! How can I get that application??