Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Art Links

I hope you've had a great week. It's Friday, and since I'm in town then I can share some more good art links. Let me know if you find these helpful or not.

ArtAlly Blog- This blog is a voice for the arts. Find links to interesting art articles, art therapy, art education, and useful info for art teachers. Full of great stuff, I strongly encourage you to read.

Art House Co-Op, Sketchbook Project Library - Sign up to get a sketchbook. Fill the sketchbook, then it goes on display in galleries and eventually into a library. Their goal is to collect original sketchbooks from around the world.

Rate My - this website is really great for the beginning to advanced artist. It offers a chance to draw online, view tutorials, join discussions, and enter artwork into daily competitions. Look at artwork from many people and give feedback.

Tomorrow I'll post the continuation of my boy and the candlelight. Have a great weekend!


B2-kun said...

Pretty interesting links! That Sketchbook project seems rather tempting. Gotta sleep on it though.

Unknown said...

Hey Marianne! It's Phillip...the guy at expo that ALWAYS goes to your workshops and nothing better to do on the last day but hang around the copic booth lol. Just wanted to drop a line. Hope you're doing good. Yeah that's me lol

Great lessons you have up. I'll be sure to bookmark your page and keep an eye out. If you wouldn't mind, woud it be ok if I put up a link on my site leading to yours?

You can reply or e-mail me:

Nicole said...

Hey Marianne! Thanks for the links!

I posted an award for you to grab and show off! (if you so desire, that is!!) I appreciate your talent and the time you take in sharing it with others, so I gave ya a SHOUT-OUT!

Hope all is well with you!