Thursday, December 15, 2011

Certification 2012 Updates

I have a lot little details to update today, so we shall see how much I can get through. Then, hopefully, I can get a tutorial posted tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are all of the upcoming certification classes around the world.

New Certification Information for 2012!
1. Standard and Intermediate Classes Back to Back
This Fall we have changed our policy regarding attending the Standard and Intermediate classes back-to-back. Many users have had our markers for many years now and have been happily coloring. However, there may be tidbits that you do not know about the Copic system, which is why we need to have a standard level before getting into the nitty-gritty of Intermediate. We still require you to have attended the Standard Certification before the Intermediate, but now you can take them back to back (Note: We do not recommend it, as we cover a lot of information in those classes).

2. Changes to the Standard Certification
In January 2008 I taught the first Copic Certification. The standard certifications taught up to this point have not varied much from that first class. Only the literature has improved, the content has been the same. With 2012 we are re-vamping the program. The same concepts will be covered, but the timing and supplies will be different.

In 2008 there were few papecrafters who knew about Copic Markers and how to effectively use them. Today, the average attendee in our Standard Certification has a lot more information available before they attend our class, more now than ever before (thanks in large part to all of you who already have been certified and have been spreading the word. Thank you!). If you attend the Certification this year, we will be switching to a portfolio format, similar to the format we use in Intermediate. There will be more coloring and a different assortment of products in your product pouch. We strongly suggest that you indulge this year and re-take the certification, especially if you want to brush up on your coloring skills.

North American Standard Certification
We now have our classes for the first few months of 2012. To apply to any of these classes, please visit our website and you will find an overview of the program.

Jan. 13th Memphis, TN Taught by Lori Craig Open to Public
Jan. 27th Anaheim CA, CHA Winter 2012 taught by Sherrie Siemens Open to Public
Feb. 3 San Diego, CA taught by Lori Craig Open to Public
Feb. 17th Richmond, VA taught by Debbie Olson Open to Public

North American Intermediate Certification Classes
Register now for these great classes. Remember, you can now apply for back-to back classes!

Jan 28 Anaheim, CA
Taught by Sherrie Siemens Open to Public
Feb. 18th Richmond, VA taught by Debbie Olson Open to Public

For all North American Residents, you can register for classes directly from our website.

Certification Classes
In many countries outside of North America, there are opportunities to take Copic Certification classes. As new regions establish their programs, I will try to announce their classes as I hear about them.

Feb. 2nd, Wiesbaden, Germany taught by Diny Sprakel, in English
Please apply for this class by contacting Britta
If you are European, check out the Copic blog for Europe.

New classes for 2012 have not been announced yet. If you are interested in keeping up with some fabulous tutorials, contests, and finding out what events are going on in Australia, please visit the Australian Copic blog.

Have a great weekend!


Cassie said...

Hey Marianne! I just wanted to say how awesome it was to meet you in Atlanta. I truly had a blast and learned quite a lot from both you and Colleen :D

marianne walker said...

Hey Cassie! It was so good to meet you as well. May you have a colorful Christmas season!

Lee said...

Oh I want to take a certification class sooooo much! I've been in love with them since 2001 when I got my copy of "How to Draw Manga Special Color Edition" as an import, I couldn't read Japanese but that beautiful Copic Sketch on the cover caught my eye.

Any idea if there will be a certification in Boston area this year?