Monday, May 2, 2016

Live video on Friday!

Intro to Coloring With Copic Markers
Check it out! This Friday I will be hosting a live video on either Google Hangouts (click the link to send yourself an invite and info). Or, via Periscope (Periscope is an app that allows you to watch live video feeds).

I'll be showing you some tidbits from the Intro To Coloring with Copic Markers book that I wrote. If you don't have a copy yet, I strongly suggest that you pick one up so you can follow along as I color. I will be starting with the first project in the book, the big, beautiful butterfly. From there, who knows what I'll color? Whatever I color, it should be fun and hopefully you'll learn a few tricks and tips. So be sure to join us, 9am Pacific Standard Time. (Can't watch it live? Don't worry, it will be shared on YouTube).

We will be trying to host regular videos, so stay tuned for more chances to watch and interact with us live. It's the next bet thing to having us come to your town, hover over your shoulder, and teach you how to color.


Sheri said...

I just bought this book! Yeah I can't wait to watch. I hope I am home for it!!

Awesome SVGs said...

This is great!
What is your periscope user?

Jan Castle said...

Good for you....always enjoy watching you color Marianne!!!!
Paper Hugs,

Cheryl O said...

I have the book, and looking forward to the video, Marianne!! What a great idea.

Vijendra Sekhawat said...

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