Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tracing Memories App now available

Free App for Converting Photographs
For those of you who like coloring, but want to color your own picture, you're in luck! We just released the first version of our new Tracing Memories App on the iTunes store (for iPhones and iPads).

(I know the next question will be when is it available on Android, and don't worry, it will come. This is only the first version of everything, so we aren't ignoring you, we just had to start somewhere.)

Meanwhile, check it out and let your friends know. It's free, and super-easy to use. You just take a photo on your device, click a few buttons, and presto, you have an outline!

The app allows you to control line thickness and level of detail, with just a swipe of your fingers. The super easy interface helps you make the look you want, then you can easily send to a friend, or print it yourself.

I'm heading off this weekend to teach at the Oregon Art Education conference, and we'll be using this app to make images in my workshop.

I can't wait to get back and start experimenting with the new app, making great things to color (so much faster than using Photoshop!)

If you download it, please let us know what you think. Our developers have been working hard on the functionality and programming to help you have a seamless experience. We want you to be able to get to coloring faster.


lemstar97 said...

The app while giving me an awesome result,keeps crashing when I hit the share button. It looks great except that I keep losing it when I am done. Please fix it Many thanks for it looks great.

Sharon Harnist said...

Crashing when I try to share, too. On iPhone 6 running iOS 10.0.2. Otherwise great app!

Jennifer Dove said...

Ditto. Crashes. But looking forward to the bug fix. This will be fabulous. So easy to use

Jan Castle said...

Will certainly give it a try!!! Miss you...

Unknown said...

Crashes when I try to share, too.

marianne walker said...

The crash is being fixed. It's when you choose a photo from your camera roll instead of taking a new picture. We're working on it. So excited that we finally have this app!

Bette Abdu said...

Cool app but is there a manual or any user guide available?

alicetaylor said...

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Christine Mosen said...

I dont find this app

Alexa said...

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"Pat Cher" said...

Had this app Tracing Memories on my other tablet. Cannot find it anymore. Loved it. How can I get it back

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