Sunday, June 7, 2009

East Coast Contest

Want another great prize? Do you live on the East Coast? In conjunction with Pat Huntoon at Technique Junkie Newsletter we are giving away one free seat for the upcoming Belmont, NH certification class.

To enter, you need to read the details HERE.

Go on, enter! Learning new techniques is a great way to start your summer. You can still register for the following Certification classes this summer:

Salt Lake City, UT class on June 11th taught by Marianne is open to the public.
Belmont, NH class on June 14th taught by Sally Lynn MacDonald is open to the public.
Durham, NC class on June 28th taught by Sally Lynn is FULL
Orlando, FL class on July 27th taught by Marianne is open to Stores, Teachers, & Design Team members only.

If you haven't signed up for my mailing list on the right, you should do it now. I use that mailing list to notify you of classes near you.

Applications will be going out in the next week for:

Vancouver, BC
August 15th taught by Sherrie
Eau Claire, WI August 16th taught by Sally Lynn

As I finalize the last few details, applications will also be going out for
San Diego, CA August 17th taught by Marianne
Calgary August 22nd & Edmonton August 29th taught by Sherrie.
Coconut Creek, FL August 30th taught by Sally Lynn
Minneapolis, MN (Date TBA, Mid Sept.) taught by Marianne

So jump in and learn to use your Copics!

As a follow-up to World Drawing Day: So I followed my own advice. I went over to my friend's house and I gave her 2nd grade daughter coloring lessons with her Crayola colored pencils. All I showed her was my simple shadow technique with a piece of plastic and some lines drawn on it for figuring out lighting. She was so excited! Her coloring instantly improved and she proudly showed her mom how she could make the picture look more 3-D. That gave me the warm-fuzzies for the rest of the day. Were you able to get out and inspire someone this weekend?


Tamara said...

Sorry to leave a comment on this post but I could not find an email address for you.
I am purchasing copic (sketch) for the first time and was wondering if you could just tell me a few of the basic colors and numbers that would be good for me to start with.
There are so many colors to choose from I would really appreciate your advice.

Unknown said...

I just happened upon this posting so I thought I would leave a link to Marianne's page about this for you in case you check back and she has not had a chance to see this yet....because this is her answer :)

My note to you....Enjoy your Copics...there is no right or wrong color it all what you like and it depends on what you are coloring. I figured this out as soon as I started to color my stamped images with them. Once you start using them it all makes sense. Buy what you like and you will rapidly discover what you need as you go.

....Sharon :)

Kelly Schelske said...

Oh ya, I see Calgary listed!!

marianne walker said...


THank you! That was what I was going to share with her :) Enjoy your markers!

Nana711 said...

Maybe you could add Chicago or Indianapolis to your teaching schedule....and open it up to the public. Would love to take one of your classes.

I've started exploring your 2008 posts, so I can try to catch up on all the Copic info.

Allison Cope said...

Yippee for Calgary!!!! I wanna come and learn! Yeah!!

Kim said...

I am SUPER excited to see there is going to be a class in Wisconsin! Woo-Hoo! I just updated my status and am hoping to get an application because I would LOVE to take this class!!!! YAY!!!
Hugs~ Kim

Terri said...

Sweet! A class here in Minnesota. I would really love to go. I signed up on the website a long time ago but I never received any info about this class. I just updated my profile so hopefully it will work this time. I would really love to learn from you. :)

Karen Gladney said...

I was wondering if you would ever be coming to the East coast of Canada in Newfoundland. I live in St. John's and would love to be copic certified. If you ever decide to come here and get someone else to do the class please let me know. Love your blog. I have learned so much.


Katie said...

Oh my word! I have been so out of the loop with a new baby and just saw that you're doing a Certification in Utah...ack! If only the website was working so I could get more info!!! I'm hoping to at least make it to your M&T in Lehi...what a treat!

Jennifer Corson said...

I'll see you in Belmont, NH!!!

T2 said...

I'm so excited about the San Diego class! Now I have to tell all my friends!