Monday, December 7, 2009

Digital Printouts, Testing Inks, & Giveaway

I know many of you like to print out blank pictures and color them in with your Copics. This is the technique I use when doing an Illustration, I draw it then scan it in, touch it up, and print it out. However, a lot of you still have questions.

Digital Printouts
Copic Marker inks will not destroy lines printed out from a laser printer or standard photocopier. This is because they are toner-based devices and the toner is fused to the paper so the alcohol ink from the markers will not destroy it.

Many of you are working with inkjet printers though. This gets a little more tricky and I can't say it will work or not. Each printer uses slightly different inks and you really need to test your printouts before you color and make a mess. My mom uses a really old inkjet and any kind of moisture will destroy a printout from her machine. However, we have a newer, large format Hewlett Packard printer with archival, pigment inks at work and the markers color just fine on things I've printed from there.

Testing Inks
Testing a printer ink is the same as testing any other inks. Print something out on the same paper you would regularly color on, then follow the steps on this older post to see if your ink will hold up without destroying your marker nib.

Another technique I frequently use is to make a blob with my marker next to the ink I'm going to be testing and "push" the marker into the ink line by over-soaking the paper. Here I am testing a cheap ballpoint pen ink to see if it will bleed with my markers. I'm careful to not let the tip of my marker touch the ink line. Work with a light colored marker so you can easily tell if it's messing up the line. This is the technique I show during Certification Classes.

As you can see, cheap ballpoint pens do not work well with Copic markers. However, if you have a large colection of ballpoint pens you can donate them to kids in Africa who need them for school through the nonprofit organization Pens for Kids. This would help them have a happy Holiday season and help you clean out some of the clutter in your drawers.

Happy Holidays Giveaway
Meanwhile, I have an early Christmas gift for you. Your very own blank picture to download and try coloring with markers.

I'll be coloring this later this week, but I first need your help coming up with something for the little bird to say.

You could be the lucky winner...

Simply leave a comment today with:

1. A suggestion for what the bird should say .

2. If you have an inkjet printer let us know what model (or kind of ink in the printer) you use and how well Copics work when you color printouts. If you decide to print this out and color it then you can also leave a link here to your finished piece.

Thanks for playing! On Thursday I will choose a random winner from the comments to get a mixed goody bag worth about $40 in Copic products. And I'll show some of my favorite things for the bird to say.

By the way, I was going to have the bird say "Now all we need is a Dame singing love songs..." You could probably come up with something better :)

Good Luck!

Note: This Contest is now closed. Comments are still welcome on printer types but prize winners have already been chosen.


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Sandy Cimbaro said...

1) Grab the carrot before he gets away!

2) Finally, he's stopped at the north pole. Now we can grab the carrot!

3) The north pole! He's home for the holidays!

bhelenj said...

I have an HP that uses an 02 cartridge with no problems and my friend has an HP with a 96 cartridge and she has no problems with that one either.

GrandmaCarol46580 said...

I would settle for some birdseed.

debb said...

1-Wow, Ms. Snowman, You must have been very good this year for Santa to bring you a 72 pack of copics!
2- ...and then I got a new sweater, a new camera, a new printer, and a 72 pack of copics!

Ok- so a girl can wish...

Thanks for the opp and the printout and the info on printing with our printers. I am so struggling with this issue....

Kim Burmeister said...

Cute picture! Thanks for the chance to win!

1. I think the bird should say, "Don't forget your colorless blender." I see the snowman has a marker and no one should color without their colorless blender.

2. I love my printer and it works well with my printed images. I have a Canon I9900 and I use the Canon ink cartriges specifically for that printer.

Have a great day!

Cathy said...

I hope all your holiday memories blend together to make this the best Christmas ever......

JAN said...

I think the bird is saying. Hey you better not be colouring that snow yellow

Maureen said...

Here's what I think the bird is saying:

"Aw, it's true love alright; Frosty adores his Cool Gray sketch marker!"

Thanks for the cute pic - can't wait to colour it in!

Quilter422 said...

"There must have been some magic
In that old Copic they found
For when they placed it in his arms
He began to dance around."

I have an Epson Stylus Photo wide format printer, and found that the Epson inks work pretty well, but only if I let the printout dry for at least a day before coloring.

Marie said...

It this love........?
I have my first set of copic....yey... and I used them more then my color pencils, they are really great.

Marge said...

"I see you lean on your Colorless Blender for help as much as I do!"

I have an HP 3150 Inkjet & have occasional issues with my printouts "bleeding"; I usually dry them with my heat gun and it seems to help. Think my next printer will be a laser so I know I won't have any issues.

GabrielaD said...

1) The bird is saying "I guess Santa got his letter and got him Copics for Christmas!"

Lucky Snowman!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

The bird could say, "Hey look, it's Parson Brown!"

(I have a laser printer so I'm lucky in terms of copics, but I can't do easy embossing of digital images the way people with inkjets can do. I also don't have color printer. But overall, I really do prefer the laser printer.)

JenRaff said...

I have a HP printer and use the HP ink 92/93 -- cannot use copics even with heat setting or letting it sit for a very long time! I also have a HP Deskjet 9800 with HP 97 ink -- haven't tried that on Copics. I figured it wouldn't work either but maybe I should try it out.

Stacy said...

Look at all of those tasty treats!

My printer is an HP 1315xi all in one.

Thanks for the contest!

Stampin Mindy said...

This is ADORABLE! Thank you so much!

I think the bird should say,

"Everyone wants Copics this Christmas"

HAppy Holidays!

ScrapAddict said...

What a cute little birdie! He's saying, Merry Christmas to all!! I have an HP 2610. I can color printouts but only after I heat set the printout.

Diane M said...

"Hey, it's Christmas, I thought it's a time for sharing"

I use an HP Deskjet 3845 & don't have bleeding problems.

Diane M
aka detour3

Simone P. said...

Oh wait for us Mr. Snowman!

Look at Frosty go!

Unknown said...

That little bird is saying

"I hope he doesn't want a White Christmas"

I have a C8180 HP and i've never used it for printing images. I should really start lol

Rebecca Keppel said...

1) Brining color to your holiday one copic at a time.

2) And HP all in one with a 56/57 ink cartridge. I've never tried to color a printed image.

Thanks for the chance to win :)

Do Be Do Bead Do said...

"Wait for me -- I sing soprano,"


"Frosty, is that you?"

Lynne Phelps said...

As tightly as he's hugging that thing, it's a good thing he asked Santa for the new COOL gray C-00 marker! Warm gray might have caused him to melt!

Ali said...

"He sure loves his giant Copic marker!"

I have a Cannon MP470 printer. I haven't tried it with Copics yet. :Z

Rebecca said...

1. "Not even Frosty could dry up a Copic!"

2. I use a HP 8750 printer with a 96 cartridge. I can use my Copics lightly without bleeding. I have noticed if the paper gets over saturated, some minor feathering will occur, however.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!!

Unknown said...

"You don't have to leave... I SWEAR I'm NOT the first bird of Spring!"

I have an HP and I used to have trouble with ink smearing until I discovered Matte Fixative. A quick spray and my lines are Copic safe!

A Consuming Passion said...

Thanks for the cute picture I think the bird's saying

1. "Why do all snowmen smile?......they're dreaming of Copic Markers"

2. "He's on a mission..... spreading the word Copics are best!"

My printer is an HP Deskjet using HP Ink and I have no problems - I usually leave my printed image a while before colouring though.....just in case!
Happy Christmas!

Marcus said...

1) "Hey Mr. Snowman, lend us your Copic so we can color in the rising sun!"

2) Sorry, no printer to speak of.

Keep up the great work on the blog!

-Marcus A.

ScrapgalGR said...

"Hey snowman, are you going to sketch us or what?"

Rene' said...

1) The little birdie should say "Just wait....he'll melt....then that copic is all ours!"

2) I have an HP Inkjet all-in-one. The ink does pretty well with copics for the most part. Every once in a while, if I really saturate the paper with color the ink may bleed.

Tina Mayo said...

Looks like Frosty has put his lovespell on another


We have another lovesick daydreamer, looks like that Frosty did it again

I am a stamper and I dont print out much but I may have to start doing this though..hmm actually never thought of doing it.

Judi said...

Ok, in light of the Twitter world we now live in, how about "sending you a Tweet"? Or, "stopping by for a tweet" I have a Lexmark 9350 and I have no problem with using my copic markers with images I print from my Lexmark.

Karen said...

I have a Samsung CL 315. Being a rubber stamper of 12 years I haven't considered digital printouts, nor tried coloring them. But there's a first time for everything.

H. said...

Have not printed as my printer does not like good coloring paper. Someday I will upgrade but no time soon as the printer works fine for regular stuff and I happen to have a stamp or two...

How about:
Everybody run away -- I just heard that somebody stole the Jolly Green Giant's Copic marker and he's on a rampage!


Mr. Snowman, what's the verdict on Copic's special holiday offering, the never-need-to-refill marker?


Mr. Snowman, I know you asked Santa for the coordinating air brush system, but I hope he doesn't try to fit it into your stocking!


Bobbi-Lynn said...

I liked that old phrase, well colour me purple, so I think he should say "well colour me purple! Or blue, or green, as long as you're using Copics!"

Lori said...

What a wonderful way to pass a snowy day!

Blending in a winder wonderland!

That didn't come from the Island of the Misfit Toys!

Sending Christmas Joy the Copic Way! or Holiday.

I have a HP printer.

daisydo said...

1.)"Copic Markers are SNOW much fun!"

2.) HP9800 wide format using HP98 ink. Results are not that great.


p.s. Thanks for all the wonderful posts throughout the year. I'm Copic obsessed and loving every minute of it!

smahrty said...

Are you sure you know where you are going?

Cindy O said...

1. The bird might be saying, "I'm glad Copic markers aren't damaged by the cold!"

2. I use an HP Officejet (inkjet) 8500, black ink cartridge 940. No problems for me.

Nora said...

1) Our lives are much more colorful with YOU in it!

2) I have an HP OfficeJet printer & have NO TROUBLE printing then coloring - just let the ink DRY for about 20 minutes & you're good to go. I use it all the time for copying stamped images I receive from friends in the mail - I save the originals for more copies later...sort of extends the fun! {wink}

Geri said...

"She's his first, but WE ALL KNOW....there will be more.....many, many more!"

Stampin_melissa said...

"If we all work together we CAN get that Copic marker from her!"


"Wish you a very Copic Christmas!"

Carly said...

. "I guess Santa Claus really does exist" or
"Yes, Crafters there IS a Santa Claus"

2. I have a HP Photosmart C7280 All in One.
And I'm a Copic Virgin so I have no idea how they do with my printer. But, maybe it will be my lucky day & I will soon find out!

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

"Of course he's resting! He shades snow all night, every night, just like most Copic crafters I know do at this time of year...."

I'm about to test out my brand new markers on this image. I have a HP Officejet J6400 series and will be printing onto ordinary Reflex paper, as my printer won't let me print on cardstock. BBL with a link...

Loki Made It said...

I have a canon pixma MP630 printer. i printed off the picture and have got colouring!!!!I printed onto neenah classic crest solar white cardstock.the results???I was amazed! no bleding with my markers or the blrnding pen! I honestly thought it would bleed. i will be posting my finished picture here on
and for the those cute little birds?what are they singing?
" all i want for christmas is a copic pack, a copic pack"(to the tune od all i want for christmas ismy 2 front teeth)LOL!!

MarkerGeek said...

The Epson Claria inks work perfectly in my experience (I use the A3 format Epson R1400). They are dye based.

I've also heard that the Durabrite inks work well, again I believe they are dye based.

I think that in a number of HP printers, the standard for black ink may possibly be pigment - I believe that was the case with my old HP which was no use with Copics.

Unknown said...

"Why did he get the copics?"

I have an Epson Photo R1800 - and it does great for coloring.

Tammy said...

I just love your blog!!!

How about......Baby it's Copic outside!

I use an HP all in one and use the HP Vivera ink and I have never had a problem with bleeding on my digital images when coloring with my copics.

Thanks for the chance to win!

ScrappyKy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dawn said...

Double dog dare ya to put your tongue on the pole!

thanks for the tips M

ScrappyKy said...

The bird should say, "Color me with Copics!"

I use an HP Deskjet F2110 and print on GA Pacific white and get pretty good results considering it is an inkjet. I am somewhat careful not to saturate the lines when coloring but a few "slip its" don't ruin my project generally. However, if I print on to the lighter taupes and greys (CS) from my local Hobby Lobby, I get a little more bleeding and have to be very careful. Overall, I would say they are pretty good results though. Here is a link to one printed on white...

and another on GAPac white with lots of ink saturation...

and here is one on the light taupe from Hobby Lobby...

Hope this helps someone figure out what to try! :)

PaperSunshine said...

For printing from an inkjet after you print it just dump some clear embossing powder on it and heat it. The ink no longer runs! I can't come up with something for the bird other than "Merry Christmas"

Unknown said...

I've printed out a copy and given it to my co-workers daughters to have fun. Future Copic users....

Scrapthat said...

1. You must push on! We need to deliver the Copics to that poor gal scrapthat that has NONE in time for Christmas!
2. I don't have copics so I can't tell you how it would work but I've never had a problem with bleeding or anything with my distress inks...Canon 1p2600

Selma said...

"What a tease. Do we have to wait until Christmas?"

I have a HP that uses 02 cartridges and it works great with digital images. Thanks for a chance to win.

Karen said...

"Baby its cold outside........."

(I'm humming the song as I write this)

Denise said...

I have HP 02 in my printer and have yet to try downloading.

As far as the bird....

1. It looks like it is going to be a long winter without my copic marker!

2. If you all distract him I willl grab the copic!

Denise Wells

lilscrappers said...

I have a Lexmark and I don't have a problem, except i like to emboss and only cryogen paper lets me :)

Finally, a marker that can give even a snowman colour. He's in love!

Shawna said...

Aw, ain't that sweet? Frosty loves his Copic marker!

Sassy Sara said...

There is no place like home for the holidays!


Holly Young said...

I've found that you can color with copic markers over almost any printer ink if you seal it first by spraying it with a matte fixative. Sometimes just heat setting works, but for really stubborn inks spraying should work!

Hockeymom2 said...

I told him if he leaned against the North Pole too long, he'd freeze to it. I'll get Santa!

Broni said...

Wow! Look at all these comments!

I'd have the little bird say "Color us HAPPY!"

I have an HP2355 printer and the photo ink (99) works perfectly for printing out digital images for coloring.

Melissa said...

"Ever heard of snowman soup" LOL Ok I think you bird might be nicer than mine!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

"How about coloring in some sunshine?" says the bird. I don't have any copics yet, and I use a Kodak printer. Would love to win some and give it a try!

Jessica said...

Hi Marianne, I always send people, who ask me about Copics to your site. You've taught me all I know. As for the little might say
"Do you think Santa will give the showman some Copics? Maybe we can use them when he goes away for the summer." Or "Do you think Bing Crosby knew how to color snow with his Copis?"
Or a totally unCopic idea, "Where is Bing Crosby when you need someone to sing White Christmas?"
Merry Christmas and thanks for the picture to color.

Susan said...

Here are a couple of suggestions for the bird:
"Have a colorful Copic Christmas!"
"Guess there will be a new tutorial coming on how to color him..."

I have a HP Deskjet 6940 using cartridge 96 &97 and it works OK.

Rose said...

1. Do we like carrots?
2. I have a Canon Pixma iP6600D and I use Staples cardstock and I have no problem coloring with my Copics. I heat set my printout just to be on the safe side.
3. Merry Christmas everyone.

Rose said...

1. Do we like carrots?
2. I have a Canon Pixma iP6600D that I use to print out digital pictures for coloring with Copics. I use Staples cardstock and it works very well.
3. Merry Christmas everyone.

mitch47 said...

"Wow! With that big Copic marker, he could color the whole world with Christmas cheer!"

I love my Copic markers, and I love your work. I need inspiration, and technique, and you provide both. Thanks.

Marla said...

I think the birdie should say:

"I hope you have a very "tweet" and frosty Holiday season!!"

C. Sage Deerborn said...

1. This Copic fever has gotten way out of control with the humans this year.
2. I think it is some kind of test to see if the Copic will still write afterwards.

I have a jet ink printer, but haven't tried using it. I read that if you heat set the ink it would not run.

Julia said...

"Copics make the holidays more colorfully special."

I have 2 Lexmark's:
Use both with Lexmark ink, it is not to bad with the copics.

Candy said...

1. "There goes the White Christmas!"
2. "Bringing you a colorful season and a brighter New Year"
3. "I don't think he understands what BYOB really means"

HP 6500 All-in-One. Never colored a print out.

Nena said...

Mr. Snowman, you will look so much better after Copics gives you some color and Marianne gives you some shading!!!
I have an HP printer and use the
requires HP ink. I sometimes have
problems and then sometimes I don't.
I wonder if it was the paper. Now
I heat set and also leave overnight.
I think that helps

Linda Carson said...

"Lucky Snowman got Copics for Christmas!"

We just purchased a new printer & I have not taken the time to try it out.

Debbie said...

I think the birdie is saying "I think we blend well together!"

I haven't tried to use my Copics on my HP printer but I will now. I'll let you know.

jazzart said...

I think the bird is singing..........
"Jingle bells, jingle bells copic all the way."

Happy Holidays!

scrap2go said...

The bird should say "Winter ain't over until the fat snowman melts."

Lynne in NI said...

I think it should say:
Another little birdie told me he traded Mrs Snowy for a copic marker!

(Can't help with the printer info - I print mine on the colour photocopier in work)

Claret Belle said...

1. That Copic is going to last longer than you are!

2. One of them is going to melt away!

3. That relationship is doomed for a meltdown.

CraftinGranny said...

Oops, the Copic love bug has bitten Frosty. So much for frollicking in the snow again. He'll melt for sure.

My printers are HP9800 (99 ink) and Epson All in One NX400. No problem using copics with the inks. I think it's the paper used that determines whether it bleeds or not. Thanks for chance to win!

AnnS said...

"You should have put on your snow shoes"

kathy s said...

1-"who says winter is a dull season- colour us as bright as you like with copics"
OR 2 -"we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas"
OR 3- "I sure hope that's a copic Marker Frosty has not some other sort"

Cindy said...

The birdie is saying:
"Well, color me Jolly"

PGI said...

1. They have a colorful relationship.

2. Without that marker, his life has no color!

Sonseeker said...

"Coloring with Copics is heartwarming."
Canon S800 and no problem. :)

Catherine Kraft said...

1) I'm dreaming of a colorful Christmas

2) All I want for Christmas is a full set of Copics, a full set of Copics, a full set of Copics

I have a Canon MP530 and haven't tried to print and color yet. I think I'll try printing and letting it set before trying it.

Thanks for the chance to win some Copics.......

Merry Christmas!!


TN Granny said...

'Frosty lean on your Copic's all you want but I get it next!'

I have a Canon PIXMA and never had a single problem with digital images and Copic's.

Crafty Jenn said...

I think the bird is saying:
"Holy TWEET!! It's cold!" ;)

I use an Epson CX3810 that uses DuraBrite Ultra pigment ink. It works great with my Copics!

This is my first time to this blog. Great to know there's this great place to learn more about Copics! Thank you!

Sally Watkins said...

Look at the size of his marker?

We'll fly in and distract him, you two grab the marker.

It's really sad, Copics melt his heart. He rarely gets a drawing done before puddling.

No printer info to share. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays!

Girlnamedpixley said...

"I haven't actually met her myself, but I hear she's quite a colorful character..."

Deebi27 said...

"Hey Frosty won't you please share your Copic with us!"

"Frosty, I know you can color a meal fit for the bunny and the rest of us to eat!"

Frosty said, " I thought I was never going to catch that flying Copic! That was a close one!"

Cora said...

I have a Canon Pixma printer I use all the time for images to color. I stamp an image until I get a nice one then I scan and print for a master copy so that I don't have to ever stamp that image again unless I want to. It is a perfect way to make an image the size you would prefer.

DillyDilly said...

"My feet are freezing " - I dnot know how he manages to stand there"


Cheryl O said...

"This must be the 'ringer' they brought in for the Holiday Art Festival, he uses those Copic markers!"

And, my printer is a Canon Pixma MX310. The few times I have ever tried to print one of your items off to color, I have not had a problem with the ink cartridges smearing. I have not downloaded any digital art from a website to color, not sure how those work, although they seem to be getting more and more popular. I still like my stamps and ink, seems like you'd waste less paper in the long run.

Rebecca Ednie said...

Give up the marker buddy!

I know, kinda lame but it's too early for me to think!!

Lori said...

I guess he could be saying " My copics love me, they really love me"

I use a HP B8350 and I LOVE it, it will print the 12x12's and it does great with my copic markers. Thanks for the chance to play

Kristie Larsen said...

"Get some color on that man!" Have a Happy Copic Holiday!

Holly said...

"Frosty! Don't use Y19! You know what they say about yellow snow."

"Everyone, GET HIM! He has Y19 and is not afraid to use it!"

I haven't used my printer to print off any images. I do have a laserjet, so I guess I'll have to print some off and try coloring them. Thank you so much for the tips. I had wondered if the images would smudge.

Aubrie said...

1. That snowman sure does love his bg0000!

2. Who would have thought a man made of snow could love a refillable marker that much.

I just a HP printer with the 56 cartridge and it makes a mess. So I print mine out at work with either the laser printer (also HP) and the copier. When I do classes we just use the copier for worksheets (shading techniques, color wheels ect...)

Kay said...

This little "tweetie" is saying "It comes in that MANY colors!? Snow-kidding????!!!

My life N My books said...

Well if I am lucky enough I will let you all know how the markers work on my dell printer since I have never tried them at all...and would love to start learning how to scrap :)

Birdie: "Christmas brings harmony and joy."

Janelle said...

"She's resting after a night of adding vibrant colors to our Winter Wonderland."

I have an old printer (9 years) so it doesn't work with copics.

Aimee said...

I have the epson artisan 700 and the ink hasn't bleed at all with the copics... still work on the piece though.

bird says draw up some holly in the corner please...

Tankgrl said...

The birdie is wishing Frosty a colorfull Holiday Season!

I have a HP C8180 ink jet that uses an 02 cartridge, with no problems..

Love your blog!! VERY Inforative and inspiring! Thank you!!
Heather K.

Deonna B said...

I think that the bird shoud say "How tweet, you bought me copics."

Sheila, The Dreamer said...

"She finally found her favorite color...E04 Lipstick Natural!!!"

I haven't tried to color in print outs...but will now! Thanks for the card and the tips throughout the year!

I've been laughing at everyones ideas!!! Great job ladies!

Cassie said...

'My friends color my world!'

I have an HP Photosmart that seems to work really well with digital images.

Have a wonderful day ;D

Maureen said...

Here's my coloured version of your wonderful drawing Marianne! I hope you like it.

Copic Snowman

scrappinpeg said...

I think the bird should say....
bring on some LILY WHITE as it sooooo frosty out!
I hope santa brings me the NEWEST SET of Copic Sketch colors!

I've had great luck with using my printer as well. I have a brother and I have an Epson. I do heat set though before I start.

Justine said...

1. How ya Holdin' up this Holiday Season?

2. HP 5180 All in one Printer (not sure if it is an inkject but the inks are great with my copics, I just can't run heavy weight CS through it)

Unknown said...

Hey, Mr. Big Fat Fattie! Why are you hiding the Copic We need it to add color to our lives since we live life in full color!"

kreativeimagination said...

The bird would say,"Now,now snowman,I am sure there is enough copics for everyone"

Lorraine said...

The bird is wise and says "Sure. It's love alright. Everything's fine until the sun comes out!"

I have a laser printer and have no problems coloring printed images.

Lorraine said...

The bird is wise and says "Sure. It's love alright. Everything's fine until the sun comes out, then that pen is ours for the taking!"

I have a laser printer and have no problems coloring printed images.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

1) The birdie could be saying "Hey Dude, I think that Blender pen could hold almost enough ink for me to finish my Christmas cards. May I borrow it?!" hehehe...makes me laugh, but then I'm corny.

2) I have a Cannon PIXMA MP560 Wireless. I love it for using with Copics! Our previous printer broke about a month ago and I am so happy with it.

Hope you are all healthy this week (and every one in your house) Marianne!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Laurie in MN said...

I know the contest is over but I had to add my birdie comment.

Santa gave the perfect gift, Copics.

shooskua said...

I've got an Epson Stylus TX110 all-in-one. I printed out a test page, waited 10 minutes and found there is absolutely no bleed when using a light Copic marker on black...and I gave it a real good scribble! I am impressed and excited as I thought I could not use an inkjet printer with Copics.

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