Friday, August 13, 2010

Certification Update

Upcoming Certifications
you'll notice a new logo for the certification classes. I needed a good way for people to see the difference between the Beginner and Intermediate classes, so now, look for the colored logo. Yellow for Beginner, Purple for Intermediate.

North American Beginner Certifications this Fall
Please note that when you download an application to attend a certification class there is also an information file to download as well. This has the specific location, times, and other important details. Here are all the classes that are currently available to apply for:

Atlanta, GA Aug. 23 Taught by Colleen Schaan Open to Public
Green Bay, WI Aug. 21 Taught by Debbie Olson Open to Public
Albuquerque, NM Aug. 29th Taught by Jennie Black Open to Public
Branson, MO Sept. 3, Taught by Lori Craig Open to Public
Pittsburgh, PA Sept. 6th, taught by Colleen Schaan Open to Public
Oakland, CA Sept 11th, taught by Jennie Black Open to Public
New Orleans, LA Sept. 15th taught by Jenn Balcer CANCELED
Minneapolis MN Sept 16 (before Scrapfest) Taught by Debbie Olson and Lori Craig Open to Public
Salt Lake City, UT Sept 25th Taught by Jennie Black Open to Stores & Designers
Calgary, Canada, Sept 26th Taught by Sherrie Siemens Open to Stores & Designers
Buena Park CA, Oct. 2nd, Taught by Jennie Black Open to Stores & Designers
Jacksonville FL, Oct 8th taught by Colleen Schaan Open to Stores & Designers

Applications have not gone out yet for the following locations:

Chicago, IL, Oct. 21 Taught by Lori Craig
Richmond VA, Nov. 8 Taught by Colleen Schaan

If you need an application for any of these locations you can download one here. Send in completed applications right away, even if you are not qualified, as the waiting lists fill on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you have any questions please contact our Certification Coordinator Nancy, (Here is a photo of Nancy doing a make 'n take at the Splitcoaststampers booth at the CHA Summer Supershow.)

European Certification
Friday, 10th September 2010 Hagen, Germany on (one day before the Stempelmekka Fair). This class will be held in German. Taught by Diny Sprakel (she's a fabulous instructor, and you'll be sure to have a great experience!). For more information on European classes please contact Britta, at

Australian Certification
August 30, Melbourne, VIC
Taught by Mandi Lee Klinger - FULL
October 25, Brisbane, QLD
Taught by Kathy Jones
for more information please contact


Sandy said...

Can I ask why the New Orleans class was cancelled?

marianne walker said...

Sadly, we had too few applicants for New Orleans. If people are interested in attending they need to send in applications as soon as the class opens, even if they aren't qualified right at first.

Hope said...

Ever come to Anchorage, AK?