Friday, August 13, 2010

Intermediate Certification Details

Intermediate Certification
Chicago, Oct. 22nd, Taught by Marianne Walker, Project by Sherrie Siemens and Debbie Olson
(the next session will be before Winter CHA, then regularly thereafter)

The application for the intermediate class will be available in about a week. Below are the technical details of the class for those of you who are interested in attending. I will have more information about specific topics as time progresses:

• Class size is limited, so apply early.

• Class runs from 9am to 4pm with a 1 hr. lunch break, then 6 to 8pm for the project. You MUST be available to attend the whole day or you will not be listed as having completed the training. People who cannot attend the evening event will not be accepted into the class.

• Fee: $199, due within 3 days of accepted application. NO EXCEPTIONS! Demand is very high for this first session and you will be bumped if you do not pay within the 3 days. Same cancellation policy as with regular certification (see the details section where regular applications are posted).

Important Note:
You must have completed your regular certification prior to submitting the application for the Intermediate class. There are no exceptions.

Application Process:
• As soon as you get the application fill it out COMPLETELY and submit it.

• No applications are accepted early.

• You cannot save a space for a friend- they must be accepted on the same basis as everyone else.

• This application is harder to fill out than a standard application, so fill it out and return it right away.

• To apply you must prove a mastery of basic topics covered in a regular certification, as the instructors will NOT be reviewing any topics covered in a regular class.

• Coloring will be required in the application.

• The application will be a downloadable PDF. This will need to be electronically returned to us as a jpeg. The best method is to print it out, complete the application and follow the directions, then scan it or take a clean, easy to see photo of the relevant sections for us to review. We MUST decline applications that are not returned properly, since demand is so high for this session.

• DO NOT SEND ANY ADDITIONAL CARD EXAMPLES! This will not change your chances of getting into the class. The examples you provide in the application will be exactly the same as everyone else, and they prove to us that you have practiced coloring and are ready for the next level.

• Applications will be reviewed as soon as we get them, and you will be notified upon acceptance.

Don't feel bad if you are not accepted. Space is very limited, especially since this is the first class. We are keeping applications neutral and will not accept people simply because they are a "craft-lebrity" or "a big name in crafting". We need to assure that everyone attending the class is dedicated to coloring already and driven to learning techniques that will take their work to a new level. The instructor has a lot to cover in a short time, and people who aren't confident in their techniques could slow down the whole class.

There will be more Intermediate Classes as time passes, so if you don't get in the first time, don't give up! Practice all of the blending techniques, practice smooth coloring,...just practice, practice, practice! Many of the topics covered in the class I have talked about over the years here on my blog. The difference is having the instructor right there to help you through your tough situation. Ideally, everyone would have a chance to get the one-on-one attention that will be provided in the class, but it is very hard at first.

More information will be on the Copic website once the applications go out, so please do not e-mail nancy with questions yet!


Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

I'm going to apply for the Intermediate one! :o)

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Looks AWESOME!!!! :)

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I hope this is gone a be near my location!!! LOL!!!