Monday, November 14, 2011

Update and Chair

Class Update
We are busy getting our schedules outlined for 2012, but we still have one last class coming up in the next few weeks, and there is one change I would like to bring to your attention.

Dec. 1, Atlanta Intermediate Class has been filling so quickly that we decided that I will also be going, so that class is now being taught by Marianne Walker and Colleen Schaan.

So, if you were thinking of attending, or would like to give yourself an early Christmas present, then please register right away! We only have a few spaces left, and we anticipate those filling quickly. Colleen and I are looking forward to a really fun class. We had a blast teaching together in Portland, and Atlanta should be just as much fun!

To register, and for more details, check the Copic Class registration link here. Contact Nancy, for more details.

Meanwhile, for those of you preparing for 2012, there will be both a Standard and Intermediate Certification class in Anaheim, just before CHA. Details will be going out in the next couple weeks, so be prepared for those dates as well.

Here is one of the other images I drew while demoing at the U of O last week. Since I drew these while demoing, I do not have line work or in-progress step outs, nor do I remember what colors I used, sorry! I drew it with a 0.03mm multiliner onto scratch paper.

Frequently when I am demoing, I look through my example book and find old images that need to be updated. I realized I did not have a good range of furniture illustrations, and interior designers love using Copic markers, so I dreamed up this simple floral chair.

I really like how this chair came out (maybe not as much as the outhouse from the last post, but it is still nice). Notice the texturing on the fabric. This was made by taking my blender pen and dabbing it, straight down with the brush nib, after I had finished coloring the basic green layer. For those of you who are studying shadows, you'll notice that there are two light sources, hence the two faint shadows under each chair leg.

I hope this inspires you a little bit, have a great week!


Cassie said...

Eeeeeee! I am attending the Atlanta class and couldn't be more excited! I was excited before, but can't wait to be taught by both of you :D

Kitsune said...

I do hope to make it to these Copic classes, but most of them are nowhere near where I live and travel is very difficult.

Any thoughts on making them available online?

Miriam said...

So happy to hear you'll be teaching with Colleen! Looking forward to meeting you!

Unknown said...

Genius at work! I wish I was near so I could attend a class!

Patricia St Martin said...

You need to come closer to me. I would love to take one of your classes.

Jenny Gropp said...

Thrilled to find out you are going to be at the Atlanta Class! Look forward to seeing you!!!

Maire Gamber said...

Fabulous texture on the chair! I have been practicing this since taking your wonderful class in Hawaii! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had you teach the class!