Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Copic Color & Ink Workshop Series

New Classes for 2013!
A few weeks ago we had our annual Copic Instructor Meeting, and spent a week working on our classes for next year. Along with fine-tuning our current Standard and Intermediate classes, we tested our brand-new class series (and I guarantee, you will LOVE the new classes!)

Copic Color & Ink Workshop Series
The first class is being offered just before Winter CHA in Anaheim. You can register at the Copic Website.

Note: The prerequisite for the Workshop Series is Standard Certification only.

Each workshop event is two days. You pay one fee and get to take all the class topics. Classes will be taught by two of our regional instructors. Students will take 4 different classes over the two days, and rotate between teachers. Topics include:

  • Coloring Ethnic Skin Tones and Various Hair Styles
  • Oodles of Doodles and Backgrounds
  • Airbrushing Made Easy
  • So Many Surfaces
An optional Evening Round-Table Discussion/Critique Session is also being offered for a small additional fee.

We would love to see you at one of these classes! This year we will only be offering the new Color & Ink Workshop in 10 locations across the US and Canada. Each year, the curriculum may change, so if you like these topics, then REGISTER right away! Classes are limited to a total of 50 students per location.

Soon you will also start seeing our Standard and Intermediate classes listed for 2013, so check our website for those details as well.

For more details please email Nancy:  nancy@copicmarker.com


Laurie G said...

would love to see a workshop or standard class in the Oregon, Washington area!

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