Thursday, December 27, 2012

Certification updates

January & February Certification Classes
Do you have a dream this year of taking one of our Certification classes? Register Now! 
Every year, people wait until after the new year to register, and then they get surprised when classes are full.

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Standard Certification Classes
Freshened up for 2013, these classes are the perfect way to gain a solid foundation in using Copic markers. Learn how to choose papers and ink, how to blend, and experiment with airbrushing. For more details, please visit our website and download applications and information on each class.

January 9, 2013 Anaheim, CA (CHA) taught by Lori Craig FULL

Feb. 1 Irving, TX  taught by Cindy Lawrence
Feb. 1 Tempe, AZ taught by Sherrie Siemens
Feb 15th Orlando, FL taught by Sherrie Siemens

Intermediate Certification Classes
These classes are a great way to expand from the basic technqiues learned in the Standard Certification and make your work more artistic. For more information and for applications, please visit our website.

January 9, 2013 Anaheim, CA (CHA) taught by Cindy Lawrence
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Feb. 2 Tempe, AZ taught by Sherrie Siemens
Feb. 2 Irving, TX taught by Cindy Lawrence
Feb 16th Orlando, FL taught by Sherrie Siemens

Copic Color & Ink Workshop Series
Our new project-based intensive workshop! Come spend two days perfecting your Coloring skills and creating amazing new projects. Explore coloring on a variety of surfaces, and get an in-depth airbrushing experience. The only prerequisite is the Standard certification. You can register at the Copic Website.

Jan. 10-11th  Anaheim CA Register Today!

Feb. 22-23rd Orlando, FL taught by Colleen Schaan and Sherrie Siemens  Register Today!


Clare said...

I'd like more info on the Intermediate class on March 2, in Indianapolis, IN, please.
Happy New Year!

Blissful Universe said...

에볼플레이 먹튀검증 안전노리터