Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Colorful Holiday Story

The other day I was going on a date with my husband.  I was suffering from a touch of BG05’s. Something needed to change my mood, so hopefully a nice date would work and decided to be YR18 about the whole thing. I was in the bathroom, getting ready for our dinner. Usually I go for the E04 look, but I decided tonight should be special so I reached for the R29 and proceeded to get ready. 

From the other room, I could smell the YR14 G14 that my husband was making. I love those! I hope he added some crushed E89 or YR30….mmmm! After finishing in the bathroom, I wandered out to the kitchen. Along with the YR14, he had bought some RV11 RV52. It was such a RV23 it made me smile, and it made my mouth water. 

“I love you Y38,” he said, as he presented me a bouquet of V12, V20, V05, and R43. I must admit, it made me R20! 

“What do we have BV29ed for tonight’s date?” I asked, as I looked into the deep E08 B79 of his eyes.

“I was thinking a romantic dinner date.” He said, reaching for his E39 wallet, tucking it into his E84s. 

I threw on my Y32 sweater and headed out the door with him. The B97 B24 was beautiful. The pale BG11 glowed on the YG17 and G29.  It casted soft  BG10s on the G24 across the street, along with our neighbor’s E01 in the yard.

Later that night, we sat down to a lovely dinner at a charming restaurant. Our table was decorated with V06 and RV69s. The Y17 candlelight  warmed up the dark E59 table. It was so romantic!

We stated out with some R24 appetizers, followed with a small YG05 with sweet slices of YR16 and BV04, and a side dish of some sautéed V28. We then enjoyed the main course of E23 encrusted RV42 with just a hint of Y26. For dessert, we had a lovely RV66 and V25 cheesecake. 

As we were leaving the restaurant, I grabbed a BG53 off the waiter’s stand. Waiting in the doorway, my husband paused and looked up. There, under the G46 he looked at me, his eyes twinkling from his E13 face. 

“I love you Y38!” he whispered as he gave me a tender kiss.

I returned the favor, leaving R29 on his cheek. Just then an older couple came up to the door. As we scooted to the side, the dear sweet lady said to my husband how he had such a nice face. My poor husband! He realized then that the R29 was perfectly planted on his cheek. It made him R20 RV29. We both laughed as we headed back to the car.

I could truly say that after that date, my BG05s were over. 

Happy Holidays!- From Marianne


Kathy S said...

OMG - this is too funny. You had me digging through my collection just so I could read the story! You are not only a fantastic artist, you are a comedian too! Really fun story. Happy Holidays!

Bernadette RS said...

WONDERFUL story, Marianne! I must confess that because I'm still new with Copics, I was concentrating lots on how to "interpret" the colors and picture what you are saying. What a wonderful, romantic night! I love the R2 left on your husband's cheek!

niconick said...

I agree! What a fabulous piece of writing, with the appropriate copic numbers for added colour. Love it's,

Jan Castle said...

Delightful....I can picture it all because it is so colorful!!!!

Pat Moore said...

So creative. I love your story. You got rid of my BG05's.

luvhymns said...

That was delightful! I don't know the colors that well but could envision that in my mind! Creativity doth abound!

Conniecrafter said...

very cute!

Cindy O said...

Thanks Marianne! This was fun to read, like a Rebus puzzle :-)
Merry Christmas to you.

Lisaerica said...

Lol, what a colorful way of writing, very cute story!