Friday, February 13, 2015

Inchie Maze

As many of you know, I really like mazes. I like to draw them, and have loved drawing mazes since middle school. So, when we were asked to do a fun project for the Inchie Blog Hop, I knew I should make a Valentine maze.

I started with a 2" Inchie Arts Matboard square in a light cream color. I grabbed my fine little 0.03mm Multiliner and started drawing my Valentine maze.

Just so you know, there is a solution to this maze, I don't know what it is, but there IS a solution! It took me a couple minutes to finish drawing the maze. Now for color.

Mat board is a bit softer fibered than the papers I usually work on, so I wanted to do as little blending as possible in order to prevent bleeding. I've played with Inchies a lot over the last few years, so I knew that I could get away with starting dark and adding my light back in, and that would prevent bleeding more.

I started with a dark purple "glow" to the background with V17. I kept the edges rough so they will be easier to blend. Just so you know, the color dries lighter than you think on this surface, so I added another coat of color after the base coat had dried. This helps me get the darkness I want.

Next I came in with my lighter, BV13 to blend the V17. I was careful to avoid over-soaking the paper, as I wanted the other hearts to be lighter.

Then I proceeded to color and blend the smaller hearts as I usually would, starting light and adding dark.

I used RV02, R43, V12, V04, B41, BV00, and RV10

I finished my cute little Valentine by coloring a piece of ribbon with my V17 marker and glued it on the back using the X Press It Gel Glue.

I know that my secret Valentine at work today would love it! (I had to wait to post this in case she saw it online before she made it to work today). She is an aMAZEing person, so she totally deserves a cute little maze valentine.

Remember, if you are local, stop by the Oregon Asian Celebration this weekend to see the Copic demos in the Youth Art Room.

I hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day. Be sure to give something handmade to someone this weekend!


Unknown said...

Marianne your maize rocks!!!! said...

Gosh, Marianne, your freehanded drawing and maze are aMAZEing in itself! Your ideas on how to color the inchie are very helpful! You rocked this! Love your piece and know your coworker will as well. Enjoy your weekend!

Denise Bryant said...

Fun project! Awesome colors! Love the look of the Copics on the Inchies!

Bunny said...

Marianne, your mazes are amazing. You can tell that you've done a lot of this. It looks so easy, yet when I try it, it looks like roadblocks all over the place.

Jan Castle said...

Wonderful project Marianne...LOVE it!
Paper Hugs,
Jan Castle

DS said...

Beautiful! I'm really enjoying your lovely artwork!