Thursday, April 9, 2015

We'll miss you Sherrie!

I'm sitting here, in an airport, with a sketchbook pen and pencil. I'm far away from family, my friends, my bed and thinking about an awesome person. Someone who I've had the pleasure of traveling with for many wonderful years.

Way back in 2008, when the papercrafting world was just discovering Copic markers, I watched a neat little video someone made about coloring rubber stamps with Copic markers. It was a sweet little piece about coloring, drinking coffee, and eating grapes. 

Who was she?!?

Well, it was my Northern neighbor, Sherrie Siemens! And that little video (along with her all-around awesomeness) earned her a spot on our first team teaching Copic Certification classes.

Back then, we didn't have manuals yet, our classes were much bigger, and fewer people knew what the heck you could do with these markers.

Over the years, I can't tell you how many classes Sherrie has taught for us, how many lives she has touched, but I can tell you that if you've ever had a chance to take a class from her, you were in for a wonderful time.

Sadly, it's now 2015. Sherrie is moving on to a new chapter in her life. We sure will miss her on our teaching team! The laughs, the stresses of travel and problems in random cities, the fun times, the lame Canadian jokes I tell her...sigh...I know there will be a big hole in my heart that can only be filled by Sherrie.
 As I sit here wiping tears from my eyes and keeping them from dropping on the doodles in my sketchbook, there is a silver lining.

I know that one thing Sherrie loves almost as much as markers, coffee, and grapes is Disneyland. Luckily, Copic headquarters is right on her path to Disneyland! So, I'll still get to see my beloved Sherrie, as she and her family pass through on her way to sunny So Cal each year.

Sherrie, all of us on the Copic team will miss you so much! We are proud of your new opportunities, and we wish you the best as you go back to college. Your new career will be lucky to have you, as you're one of the best!

So, although sadly I'm not in an airport on my way to see you, I'm thinking of you and our many great times. I'm sending you virtual hugs from all your coloring family! If you would also like to share digital hugs with Sherrie, please visit the rest of our team's blogs to wish Sherrie a wonderful future.


Sherrie said...

The biggest smile went across my face as I opened your post. That sketch of coffee and grapes....will always have a special spot with me. Who knew coffee and grapes would bring me to all of you! Marianne you have helped me so much in my teaching journey and have been such an awesome friend too! You have always been such a supportive force and a joyous soul that I can laugh with! Love you so much my friend and THANK YOU for the kindest words you left for me.....I have more than a tear puddle next to me....I will think of you everytime that Toronto song comes to my head! Love you!

Lori Craig said...

Thanks for making me cry, MW.

Elizabeth S. said...

Enjoyed reading your story and what a wonderful way to do a tribute. Plus such a nice way to say farewell but can see friendship will be there. I love Sherrie's cards and agree she will be missed but wish her the best in what she does.

Laura said...

I took both of my certification classes from Sherrie here in AZ and she was wonderful. Best of luck to her in whatever adventure she takes on next.

Jennifer Kelly said...

I had the pleasure of attending two classes which Sherrie taught. She is a wonderful instructor and I still hear her in my head saying "where is your light source". All the best Sherrie.

Blissful Universe said...

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