Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Color Spotlight: Y17

I've been meaning to do another color spotlight for a while and only now am I getting around to it. Please note: When I mention a color combo whatever color I put first is the color I put down as my base color, then I blend in the second color. So Y17 + E25, the E255 was layered over the Y17. Also, these colors on the screen are NOT accurate and are for comparison only.

Y17, Golden Yellow
Story behind Y17: This was among the first colors Japan created over 20 years ago. This is a very bright Yellow, hovering on orange. Because the yellows are so bright, there is very little color difference in this blending family, especially as you get darker. Y17 has a touch more orange to it than Y18 or Y19 in my opinion. To get a good shadow for Y17 you would have to jump to another blending group within the Y's (Y28 or Y38) or into another color family- YR or E

Available in these styles:
Copic, Sketch, Ciao, Wide

Natural Blend family:

Y11, Y13, Y15, Y17, Y18, Y19

Simple Blend: Highlight Y15 Midtone Y17 Shadow Y19

Similar colors, other families:
B16, R17, V17, E17, BV17, G17, YR16

Marianne’s Unusual Combos:
Y17 + E25, Y17+ YG25, YG21 + Y17

Advanced Color Rules for Y17*:
Complimentary: Y17/V09
Triad (simple 3 color combo): Y17, B05, RV29
Tetrad (simple 4 color combo): Y17, BG18, V09, YR09
Pentagram (simple 5 color combo):
, G19, B79, RV29, YR09
High Contrast: Y17, YR16, B37, B06, R89, R29
Compound: Y17, E37, E59, V06, R39, V09

*Advanced color rules are generated by Adobe Illustrator CS3 based on the digital representation of the Copic Color Spectrum set into a special color wheel. I generate these as suggestions for color combos to try when you are looking for a nice change, or you have a paper that matches this particular color and you want help picking other unusual colors to go with it.

The project I made for Y17: Summer Sunflowers
I had been waiting to spotlight this color until my sunflowers were in bloom, because that is the flower that instantly comes to mind when I think of Golden Yellow. Here I'm showing the original photo I based my drawing from, and then my artistic interpretation of it with the color Y17.

The evening I took this photo the sun was just about to go down, and the next few photos got dark quickly, so I am showing my drawing with a darker sky than the photo. I also drew the outlines very loose, so my coloring style is loose as well. Notice how things close up have more vibrant colors, while things off in the distance have less contrast, less detail, and muted colors. I chose to make the foliage and blossoms brighter than real life. Looking at it now, I think it still needs deeper shadows for more contrast. Good thing I can always go back into my picture and blend more colors, even if it's been sitting for a week.

Drawn with a Multiliner 0.05 on Color Laser Copier paper
Colors used: Y11, Y13, Y17, YR16, YG00, YG41, YG67
G14, G17, G28, G85, BG10, B04, B24, E35, E57, E59, 0, W3, W5


Nicole said...

Hi, Marianne! I love being able to click on the picture to see all the details in your artwork. (This would be a perfect stamp-image!) You can mount it on a card and send it to me if you like! HA!

As you mentioned in this post, you can always go back and add color, correct? BUT IS THERE a time limit at all on going back and re-working a piece of COPIC colored artwork depending on the type of paper/plastic/etc the coloring is on? In other words, does the material make a difference and give it a limited-time-only to re-work?

Have a great day?

Susie said...

Thank you, once again, for offering all of this help. I really love your drawing. Have you ever thought of doing your own line of rubber stamps?

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an awesome drawing ~ you are sooo talented! I wish you had posted this before I made a card trying to have it look like that!! :) here's a link if you're interested: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/1011544?cat=500&ppuser=165411

...not too good, but now I may try it again! Thank you!

Jessrose21 said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful drawing! It helps to see how you use light and dark, especially on the leaves, since I use a lot of flower stamps.

Donalda said...

Oh that is just beautiful dear. I just got my order today with my refills but everytime I check your blog out I love the colors you use too. I am going to end up with them all before long lol Thanks for all the tutorials and info you give us dear

Judy in Indiana said...

Wow. Your talent is amazing. I will never be the artist you are, I am satisfied (for right now) to be able to color just a bit. You inspire me everyday.

:Jayne said...

Awesome work!


Sandy Knecht said...

I love your drawing and you coloring is superb! Thank you for the color combos.

Sharon Harnist said...

You are an amazing artist, woman ... absolutely gorgeous drawing (and real sunflowers in your garden)!