Thursday, November 6, 2008

Technology can be Useful and Certification

Every now and then computers actually make our lives easier and work in the way that we want them to. Take for instance all of you who e-mail me to get on my mailing lists for classes. Now I have an easier way!

If you look on my blog page you'll see a sign-up for the Copic Mailing List. We finally got this automated system up and running so that I'm not overwhelmed with e-mails about getting on my mailing lists- this simple button will do it for me.

Just so you have all your questions covered-

1. If you already e-mailed me to get on a list you DO NOT need to sign up again through my service. I'm taking care of that.

2. We will not sell your name/e-mail to any other company. That's mean and unethical.

3. By signing up you are saying it's OK for Copic to send you notes about New Products, Upcoming classes, and things like that. We're NOT going to bombard you with junky, annoying e-mails. We WILL occasionally have a survey with a chance to win, so be on the lookout for those.

4. Please sign up through this blog's button.We have a couple places you can sign our mailing list- from this blog, from the Copic homepage, and from the Copic Facebook and Myspace pages. While they all go into our master file, I have the categories set up a little different on the form from my blog. This helps me know my readers a little better. If you do sign up through one of our other forms don't worry, it will go to the same place.

5. On my form I have a special box for Copic Certification e-mails. I ask that if I have a specific location already mentioned write it in. Otherwise, please put your region in this box. When I do send out info on Copic Certification classes I send them out regionally, so everyone within a few states will get the memo. If I don't have a class listed in your area, still put your dream location.

6. Even if you're in another country please fill out this form! Copic markers come from Japan and I work for the North/South American distributor. I have direct contact with Japan and our other counterparts. By signing our mailing list it helps the manufacturer know where our readers are coming from so they can help you better.

Please sign up! It only takes a minute and it helps us help you get more out of your marker experience. Thank you!

As I fly out for Seattle and Vancouver BC today I just wanted to also mention that we have more East Coast Certification Classes coming up in early 2009! These will be taught by our fabulous Papercrafting Design Team member, Sally Lynn MacDonald. She is a very experienced teacher and will also be assisting me at my class prior to Winter CHA. If any of the following locations are interesting to you please sign up for my mailing list! When I get back from this trip I'll be sending out details and applications for my CHA classes and for these other East-Coast locations, so join a mailing list NOW!

On Sally Lynn's blog you can see a list of other potential locations and dates for 2009 as well.

Please remember, Certification classes are open FIRST to Store owners, teachers, and design team members (basically people in the papercrafting industry). If there are any spaces left (usually 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event), then people from the general public are welcome to attend. These classes are technique driven, and each instructor will add their own personal flair to the class. I know that Sally Lynn is a much more experienced papercrafter and scrapbooker than I am so her classes will be jammed full of papercrafting know-how. Since I have a Fine Art background, my classes tend to be a little less industry specific and more product-specifc.

What if I have already taken a Certification Class and I want to take it again?
I usually have a few spaces for people like you in each class. If you haven't already contacted me about this, then here's the scoop:

1. There will be a small fee. This helps us cover catering and room rental, etc.

2. You don't get a new packet unless you want to pay full price. Likewise, no new certificate, sorry.

3. Please let me know at the same time I open registration to everyone that you are a REPEAT. That way I don't figure you into my class size limit the same.

4. When you come, please help the people around you. Especially with those 4 pesky blending techniques. Those slow down the class the most and having someone else at the table who can help is greatly appreciated.

5. Please bring your own markers and have them labeled. It takes me a while to check my classroom marker sets after each class and refill them, which I factor into the class cost.

6. If you can't make it to the whole class, then please enter/exit at the breaks so you're not disrupting me (it's too easy to sidetrack me as you know!)

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you again and having you help! The few people who have had the chance to repeat the class say that they learn just as much the second time as they do the first (just ask Lori Craig and Sharon Harnist, some of my most recent repeat offenders :).

Meanwhile, I'm heading North. Have a great week!


StampOwl said...

Hi ... I went to register as per your blog post today even though I live in Australia ... however it won't let me register as I have to pick the option not applicable for the state and it keeps coming back to tell me to fill that part in.

Do you feel like coming down to Australia to do a class hehe!

Lynda Moss said...

Hi, had the same problem, if you are outside the US or canada it cannot let you register

So I have regsitered as living in Hobart, Australia in the state of Alaska - hmmmm always wanted to go there!

Would love it if you did come down to Aus!

marianne walker said...

Ok I'm fixing that- thanks for letting me know. I'd love to come to Australia some day...sigh...

Melissa said...

I received my Copic Certification in early October. When will we be listed on the Copic website as a certified instructor?


Mrs. Nancy G said...

Have a safe and fun trip north. I wish I could be there! I look forward to signing up for your certification at CHA in January.


marianne walker said...

I will be getting the most recently certified people added to our website in the next month,sorry about the delay but I've been out of town so much it's really put me behind :(