Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Spica Colors & Coloring Vampire Skin

Yeah! It's been a long process, but finally we have our new atyou Spica glitter pens in stock. If you love the bold, bright original colors then you'll love the new set of pastels and secondary colors. (Later this week you may even get a chance to win them...hint, hint..)

The colors and their Copic equivalents are:
Pitch Black - 100
Blossom - (RV22)
Garnet - R39
Lipstick - R29
Baby Blue- B21
Mint Green - G82
Buttermilk - Y21
Chocolate - (E58)
Sand - E33
Peach - E01
Lilac - BV00

These are available NOW at a store near you.

The atyou Spica pens are prefect for adding a subtle shimmer to any of your papercrafting projects. These pens are acid free, archival, and pigment based. They last twice as long as any other glittery pen and are not a gel pen. They're really hard to see in a picture, so you have to see them in person to understand how they work the best.

Coloring Vampire Skin
With the popularity of Vampires these days I realized that in my original Skin Color Posts I forgot Vampires.

The perfect pale, sallow, skin color with sparkle combination I found is

E000 + E70 + E01 + Clear Spica

(Other colors I used: B91, B93, B95, BV11, R35, R39, R89, C2, E31, E34, E37, E59, Y000)

Scribble over your main skin surface lightly with the Clear Spica. You don't need too much. Color the whole area in with your pale E000, this will evenly spread around the glitter, and they you can add your unhealthy shadows with the E70 and touch up the darkest skin areas with E01.

Skin colors are hard to scan or photograph, but on my monitor these colors look pretty accurate, though the E70 is more purple in real life (adding to the sleepless look). On paper they are a dead ringer for a vampire out in the sun where you can see their skin sparkle :) If you enlarge this picture and look really closely you might be able to see the flecks of light where the glass flakes from the spica pen is catching the light. I added a few hints of the new Peach Spica pen to the shadows just to deepen them up a bit.

Artwork is some I drew a while ago for another project, photocopied onto color laser copier paper.

Big Copic Prize Week
The winners for the Winnepeg Certification giveaway from Sherrie's blog will be announced tomorrow. Thank you to all who participated! That will be a fun class and the two lucky winners will have a neat opportunity to learn from Sherrie.

Look back tomorrow on Sharon's blog for another cool prize opportunity, and you can still enter to win a prize on Sally Lynn's blog, so keep looking for your chances to win all week.


Broni said...

You reeled me right in with "coloring vampire skin"!! I love that you added the sparkle!! Very cool!

Lesa said...

You rock girl! I love the vampire skin! The new colors are fabulous too! Thanks for all you do to reel us in! ;)

liannallama said...

You have me LOL! Rock on Vampires, ha ha! Next you have to do Zombie skin because I am reading "Pride and Prejudice...and Zombies"! (yes, I only pick the highest-quality classic literature, LOL! Love the new Spica colors and the way you colored the image!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

I've never thought to color vampire skin. Really cool! Can't wait to get my hands on the new spica pens! The chocolate color is my fav!


Rebecca Ednie said...

Come on now. I though vampires couldn't handle sunlight!! LOL! I suppose the vampires in this new series of books must be able to roam in the day time, thus the sparkle. It just struck me as so funny to read that vampires sparkle in sunlight! Perhaps next you could cover werewolf skin!! ROFLMAO!!

Susan said...

What yummie new Spica colors! I can't wait to get my hands on them!!

Carol_F said...

Oh no!! More colors of Spica pens!?! I absolutely adore the ones I already have because of the soft, over-all sparkle they have...I guess I'll be adding more to my collection...

Anonymous said...

LMAO... THis is essential info for all! :) Thanks for sharing.

shooskua said...

does anyone know if and where I can buy the new colors of Spica pens online?

Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

I just saw this! I love my new Spicas... got every color the store got in. Look what I did with them...

You inspired me so much at the CHA class. Thanks again! Still going strong!! :)