Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching up on a Monday

Time to catch up on a few points of interest and update you on Certification classes. I want to share things that appeal both to stampers as well as general artists, so hopefully you will find something of interest in my links today.

Copic Creations Challenge
The fabulous papercrafters over at Copic Creations are challenging you to make a Copic-colored card with purple flowers or Lilacs. Hop over there and submit your creation- you still have a few days left to win their prize.

Pen Addict Copic Contest
Check out this great Copic Contest hosted by my friend at The Pen Addict. He's got a creative contest going where you send him proof that you use Copics and you can win a cool bag of Copics. He also does nice reviews of pens and fine writing papers/sketchbooks. So if you like finding the best pen for your buck you should check out his site.

Illustration Friday
This week's topic is Hierarchy. Check out some of the other illustrations artists have submitted.

Anime Expo
Copic will be sponsoring this year's Anime Expo. If you love Manga and Anime and you live in So. Cal I strongly suggest you go, if only to people watch! Look for my workshops, we'll have some guest artists from Japan, and tons of cool, new stuff just for the comic artists out there. We will be easy to find, since our booth will be one of the first ones you see when you enter the vendor hall. Check us out for some great marker deals and one-on-one help.

My workshops fill up fast, so plan on showing up early to get a good seat where you can see. Perfect for beginner artists or people looking for different ways to use their markers. I'll have more details as we get closer to July.

Anime Expo runs July 2-5th this year at the L.A. Convention Center. Tickets are available from the Anime Expo website.

Upcoming Copic Certifications for Papercrafting
If you need an application for any of the upcoming classes please send me an e-mail at For more details about certification you cn visit the Copic website certification info page.

We still have a few spaces at the class this Sunday in Rockland, MA taught by Sally Lynn.

The Portland, OR class that I will be teaching on the 20th is open to the public. If you wish to attend please return your application right away to Kris:

The Smithville, OH class on May 31st is full. We have other East-coast locations coming up, so let us know where you are interested in attending and we'll get you registered for those.

Register now for Winnipeg, Manitoba taught by Sherrie Siemens on June 6th. This class is now Open to the Public, so let us know if you need an application. If you have returned an application but have not heard back from Kris yet, please send her an e-mail to make sure you are registered correctly.

Applications have gone out for the following classes- send me an e-mail if you did not get an application:
Salt Lake City, UT June 11th, taught by Marianne
Belmont, NH June 14th, taught by Sally Lynn
Durham, NC June 28th taught by Sally Lynn

Please get on my mailing list for July classes, August classes in Calgary & Edmonton, or for the Summer CHA class in Orlando. Use the form on the blog sidebar to get on my mailing list.

Also, we are still a couple weeks behind in updating the instructors links on the Copic Website. Please be patient if you took a class in April and your name is not up yet. Thank you :)

Have a great week!


Shannon Tompkins said...

Last time you mentioned Calgary/Edmonton you said August, well first you said July then you said August..... is it July now or August still? I have a preference to August as I am due in early July and am the teacher at Scrapbook Pantry and currently am uncertified...... hoping for August unless you do classes from the delivery room?

marianne walker said...

My Bad. I'll fix that. It's August 22nd for Calgary and then a little later in Edmonton.

Shannon Tompkins said...

Thanks so much Marianne. I'll mark my calendar!

quiltedcavalier said...

Is anything possibly on the calendar for the midwest, Chicago/Milwaukee area later this year? I am hoping...


Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

I will be in the LA area the first week in July. I'll be moving my daughter for school. I will not be able to attend, but I'll think of you and your workshops - wishing I could be there. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!