Monday, August 10, 2009

Blob Bugs and Blog Candy

A while back I asked for comments - what would you like to see more of, and one thing people seemed to like were my little "blob" creatures like the blob fish, blob duck and blob bunnies. Today is a great day to talk about blob bugs. You should review the other blob critters if you haven't seen them in a while before you work on these bugs.

Blob Bugs
If you remember from my earlier blob critters you'll know that there are a lot of shapes you can make from the tip of your Sketch Super Brush nibs and a thin multiliner. Today I want to show you some simple bugs you can make to decorate your papercrafting as the summer winds down.

The pictures are pretty easy to follow, but I want to bring out a few points.
• Always work with scratch paper underneath.
• Let one color dry before you add another color or add multiliner (this keeps your edges crisp).
• Experiment! Add different details or use different colors than I show. make your critters match your papers or project colors.

Ladybug - Don't use a black Copic marker to draw your dots or head because the marker will try to blend with the red already on the page.

Snail - To make the body place your brush on it's side to get the point down, then drag the brush along to make the long body. If you are right handed then you'll find it easier to make the snail face right. If you are left-handed it's easier to make him face left. Otherwise, you can try turning your paper to get the right direction of his body.

Caterpillar - You can make him as long or short as you want. Also, try adding dots or making him rainbow colored.

Dragonfly - Practice making the wings, since I show the top wings larger than the bottom wings. Hold the marker in place longer to make the wing fatter, or drag it slightly out from the middle to make them longer (like you made the snail body).

Don't worry if your bugs don't look like mine, as each one should be different. Practice will help you make your cute bugs better. Just don't give up, and most of all - have fun and relax!

Now, on to other things...

The weekend OCL new release drawing is over! I want to thank everyone who left a comment on my blog for the Sea-sons Greetings stamp set. I randomly chose a winner from the 255 comments using

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-08-10 09:00:05 UTC

Which means that sometimes it pays off to leave comments at the last minute. Comment #252 comes from Ashley who said...

HE is beyond cute!

Congrats Ashley! I'm so glad you think he's cute. Now you'll have fun coloring him for your Christmas cards this year - or make some cute gift-tags for your presents.


Micki said...

Oh, Marianne this is awesome. I'm printing it off and have Emma (6 yr old granddaughter) follow your steps. Great visual and her coloring has improved soooo much. She's definitely going to be the 'artist' in the family. Loooovvveee the new Copic colors!

connie said...

I love the blog bugs! Thank you for these. I am new to your blog and didn't see them in the past.

Unknown said...

It's been a while since I have been to your blog...but I still love it. I am still trying to find Copic Markers locally, semi-locally, regionally - but no such luck. Looks like I will have to purchase them online...just not sure which ones to start with - since there are so many and I can't afford to buy dozens of them at the same time...ek

Unknown said...

Super cute! Thanks for telling us not to use the black Copic - silly me would have done that....

Cassie_lu said...

those blob bugs are just too cute. haven't tried them myself but i want too. your directions for them are great and the stamp sets you have created are some of my favs.

FibreJunky said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Congratulations Ashley!!

And another awesome tutorial, Marianne!

Nicole said...

Great critters, Marianne! I will be sure to show my daughter how to make these, she's a budding artist!

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love to see that I too could do something that I never thought I could do. Thank you for teaching us the artsy tricks.

keylin said...

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keylin said...
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