Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday updates

I'm busy getting ready for my trip to Southern California this week, but I wanted to send some updates out about my upcoming workshops.

Certification Classes
3 new locations have been coordinated for this October. Please sign up on the sidebar of this blog to get the applications for these locations:
4th Decatur, GA taught by Sally Lynn
24th Coos Bay, OR taught by Marianne
28th Grand Rapids, MI taught by Marianne

15th Vancouver, BC taught by Sherrie FULL
16th Eau Claire, WI taught by Sally Lynn FULL
17th Carlsbad/Oceanside CA, taught by Marianne OPEN (e-mail for an application)
22nd Calgary, AB taught by Sherrie FULL
29th Edmonton, AB taught by Sherrie. OPEN

17th Minneapolis, MN (from 1pm to 7:30pm, buffet dinner included, $130) taught by Marianne Open

The following classes are upcoming. Applications have NOT gone out yet, so sign up on the sidebar of my blog through Vertical Response to get on the mailing for those classes.

4th Decatur, GA taught by Sally Lynn NEW
24th Coos Bay, OR taught by Marianne NEW
25th Evansville, IN taught by Sally Lynn
28th Grand Rapids, MI taught by Marianne NEW

22nd Columbia, SC taught by Sally Lynn

13th San Antonio, TX taught by Sally Lynn

January 2010
10th Miami/South Florida taught by Sally Lynn (TBA)
23rd Anaheim, CA taught By Marianne

Other Potential locations in 2010
Shawnee, KS • Memphis, TN • Tulsa, OK • Columbus, OH • St. Louis, MO • Indianapolis, IN • Houston, TX • Phoenix, AZ • Denver, CO • Seattle, WA • San Francisco Area • Los Angeles Area • Toronto / Eastern Canada

Other events
Just to remind those of you in So. Cal, I will be doing demos and workshops at a lot of stores:

August 14th

Scrapbook Heaven- 12-2pm, Westminster
Collective Journey 5-8pm, Redlands,

August 16
Yellowbird Scrapbooking-10-12pm El Cajon,
Scrapbook Your Life-1-3pm San Diego,
Cool Scrapbook Stuff- 4-7pm Poway,

August 18th - Art Institute of San Diego Demos and workshops (students only)

Then look for me in September at Scrapfest in Minneapolis. I will be at Savannah College of Art and Design the first weekend of October. Also in October you can come to an evening workshop on the 23rd at Memories of Time in Coos Bay, OR. Keep checking back for more locations where we are hosting events. I'll try to post some new things before I leave town. Have a great week!


Create It Simply said...

eeek! Hoping for St Louis in 2010!!!

kris fulk said...

Houston houston houston ^_^ I'm crossing my fingers for 2010!

Latisha said...

I only live 2 hours away from Savannah, I could come meet you for dinner or something

Devon said...

Everytime I see the classes posted, I keep hoping Anchorage will be on the list. We're not that far from a lot of your Canadian stops!

SandyK said...

I'm hoping for St. Louis too if a hobbiest can sign up.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have tried to figure out how to register for your class in Decater GA but just can't seem to figure it out. Could you point me in the right direction? I have signed up where it says register here but never got any info on the class so I guess I either did something wrong or am registering in the wrong place. I would really like to attend this class, could you let me know what I am doing wrong? Thanks so much!!! Ronda

charlene said...

Sure wish I would have seen you were in San Diego sooner LOL ! I will just have to wait for you to come to Phoenix next year

Cindy said...

Hope you make it to St. Louis in 2010!