Friday, February 5, 2010

Prize winner and Doodle Balloons

I want to thank each of you for going and visiting Jennie's blog and giving her a big welcome to the team. The random winner from my blog drawing is number 46, Kel !!

Kel - who wrote:
Sounds like alot of fun, wish there were classes closer to my area --MD -- Baltimore or DC--even VA or some places in PA. Love you blog.

Kel, be on the lookout for classes near you, as Sally Lynn offers many classes all over the Northeast. Meanwhile you won the set of Spica glitter pens from my blog!

Doodle Balloons
I know it's been a while since I posted a draw-it-yourself project. Here's a fun, but easy one to try as you make last-minute Valentine cards. For my project today I used either Sketch or Ciao markers in BVoo, V17, and Y11. I also used a gray Multiliner SP 0.3 for my outlines. Review this post for the original technique I'm building from.

First, we want to learn how to make a bow. Start with a single dot. Add a heart on either side, but put the halves of heart fairly close together so it's not too wide. Add another drop shape under each heart for the ribbon ends. Outline each shape with a mulitliner when you're done. You can make the ribbon ends either squared or rounded, it's your choice.

Now we can make our bundle of balloons. Start with a heart-balloon by making a regular heart, then adding a little tail. Next to that balloon, draw a yellow round balloon and add a tail. add a couple more heart balloons to finish out the bundle. Outline each balloon and add a smile to the yellow balloon. Doodle a bow to hold the balloons and draw strings down from the balloons to the bow.

I hope you have a great weekend and get a chance to doodle some cute balloons. Just to remind you, there are many classes coming up in the next month or two that are filling fast. If you are considering taking a Certification class register right away with Nancy, our Certification Coordinator, so you don't miss out. Send her an e-mail to get a link to the applications.


Ruthie said...

This is so cool - am newish to the blog and this is the first doodling I have seen - rather fabby!


Patti McDermott said...

I am so hoping that your classes will come to the southeast (SC). Love these markers they are sooo much fun to work with. Patti

stitcher said...

At last....this is my first REAL
lesson. Thank you soooo much.
I love it. I'm hooked. You do
such a great job.

Karen said...

Thanks for the great direction. Love your blog.

MizMaryAnn said...

Oh how fun! I can't draw anything but now I can draw a bow and balloons that actually look like they were meant to look. I'm excited, thank you.

the PaperTemptress said...

You make it look so easy and then I try it and it looks terrible, I am so envious, you either have it or you don't!! LOl, I am getting better making a straight line with a ruler ha ha ha ha! I truly enjoy your blog!

the PaperTemptress

Unknown said...

I love COPICS !!! This site is fabulous. I am so happy that certifiction classes are coming to Toronto in June. Yay !!! This doodling information is great.

Unknown said...

Love Copics and happy to see the certification classes expanding.
Love the doodling information.

Blissful Universe said...

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