Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Classes and Certifications around the World

Now is the time to plan your Summer events. All the Copic instructors are busy planning for some great classes, and you can make your vacation this year a Copic Vacation. Beyond the Mixed-Media Copic Ink & Art event, and the Stamping Retreat in June, there are lots of other great Copic experiences coming this Summer to a city near you.

Upcoming Local Events
April is almost here! If you live locally and can't come to my book signing and gallery show at DIVA on Friday, April 1, then you can always register for my marker rendering workshop. I will be teaching a basic Marker Rendering class on Thursday, April 21, from 7 to 9pm at DIVA Gallery in Eugene. We'll cover basic marker care, techniques, choosing papers, and airbrushing,. If you are interested, please contact DIVA, at

Also, in August, I will be teaching some free teen comic drawing workshops at Eugene Downtown Library as well as the Sheldon and Bethel Branch Libraries. We also sponsor one day of art at the Lane County Fair, in the Youth Art pavillion, so stay tuned for more opportunities

Upcoming Standard Certifications, North America
Our Spring classes are filling fast, so register early to make sure you have a space. Classes open to registration two months before they take place. Check our website for more information and class details. A few dates have changed, so look over this list carefully.

April 10th, Phoenix, AZ taught by Jennie Black Open to Public
April 27th, Charlotte, NC taught by Colleen Schaan Open to Public

May 1st, Las Vegas, NV taught by Jennie Black Open to Public
May 12, Columbus, OH taught by Colleen Schaan Open to stores and Designers
May 26, Minneapolis, MN taught by Debbie Olson Open to stores and Designers
May 26, Pensacola, FL taught by Colleen Schaan Open to Public
May 22, San Diego, CA taught by Jennie Black Open to stores and Designers- filling fast!
May 28th, Toronto, Canada taught by Sherrie Siemens Open to stores and Designers

Classes Opening Soon, applications have NOT gone out yet:
June 3rd Berne, IN taught by Colleen Schaan and Marianne Walker
June 4th Kelowna, BC taught by Sherrie Siemens
June 10th, Santa Fe, NM taught by Jenn Balcer
June 11th Boston, Mass taught by Lori Craig
June 12 Spokane, WA taught by Jennie Black
June 18th Coos Bay, OR taught by Marianne Walker
June 23rd Wichita, KS taught by Lori Craig

Tentative Summer Classes:
July 16th Houston, TX taught by Jenn Balcer
July 18, Chicago, IL (Before Summer CHA) taught by Lori Craig
Aug. 7th Manhattan, NY taught by Lori Craig and Jenn Balcer
Sept 8th Savannah GA taught by Colleen Schaan
Sept 22nd Orlando, FL taught by Collen Schaan
Sept. 30 Portland ME taught by Lori Craig

Intermediate Papercrafting Certification classes are popular! These classes are open to ANYONE who has taken the standard Certification class, and who wants to learn how to color and design more like an artist. There are still a few spaces left in the Phoenix Intermediate class, so if you are interested in attending send in your application right away!

April 11th, Phoenix, AZ taught by Debbie & Colleen Filling fast!!

May 13th, Columbus, OH taught by Colleen Schaan Now Open

June 12th, Boston, Mass. taught by Debbie Olson Opens soon
June 18th, Calgary, AB taught by Sherrie Siemens Opens soon
June 23rd Wichita, KS taught by Debbie Olson Opens soon

To register for any of these classes or to download class info, please check our Certification page on the Copic Website. If you have any questions, please e-mail for details. Upcoming Intermediate Certifications, North America

European Standard Certification Certifications

7th May in Hannover (by Britta Rumpf)
9th May in Stuttgart (by Diny Sprakel and Annie Fransen) = 1 day after Stempelmesse Süd in Stuttgart-Korntal
12th September in Hagen (by Diny Sprakel and Annie Fransen) = 1 day after Stempelmekka in Hagen.

To register for German classes, please contact
Britta Rumpf:

Friday 27th May – Warrington, Cheshire taught by Wendy Kadzidlo
To register for UK classes, contact Wendy:

Australian Standard & Intermediate Certifications
Sunday, May 1 -Beginner Copic Certification
Saturday June 4- Copic Project Class
Sunday June 5- Intermediate Copic Certification

Saturday July 23- Copic Project Class
Sunday July 24- Intermediate Copic Certificate

Saturday April 16- Beginner Copic Certification
Sunday April 17- Copic Project Class
Monday June 14- Intermediate Copic Certification

To register for Australian classes, see the Australian Copic website.


Susie said...

Sure wish someone would do an Intermediate Class somewhere near Illinois.

marianne walker said...

there will probably be an intermediate in Chicago this summer :)

kellyisascrapdiva said...

Any chance you are coming East for Intermediate classes? For example, North Carolina?

Donna said...

Any hope for beginner and intermediate classes near Hartford, Conn.?

Donna said...

Any hope for beginner and intermediate classes near Hartford, Conn.?

Lauretta See said...

i cannot wait for you to come back in quebec.. ( Montreal and seroundings) Will you come ?? when do you think you will be coming?? i want to take a class PLEASE!!! hehehe :) I love my copics!