Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Fashion Sketch & Class updates

Quick fashion sketch
Every now and then I doodle at work to keep my portfolios fresh. Here is a quick sketch I made this morning to freshen up my fashion design sketches. I drew it with a Cobalt multiliner onto color laser copier paper. When coloring, I did not use any kind of blending groups, as I just randomly grabbed colors from my desk. You'll note that I used some colors in my shadows that had nothing to do with the main tones, like V17 as a shadow in many areas, as well as BV00.

I added yellows, purples, and faint blues to the sky behind the drawing just to liven up the illustration a bit.

The nice thing about doodles I do like this, is that they end up sitting on my desk for a week, where, I will frequently look at it and make a minor adjustment or tweak. In a week this picture will look much more refined and detailed.

(p.s. even since posting this photo, I have added glitter pen and opaque white and darkened the contrast...always tweaking and refining!)

Upcoming Certifications
Our Spring classes are filling fast, so register early to make sure you have a space. Classes open to registration two months before they take place. Check our website for more information and class details.

March 14th Edmonton, Canada, taught by Sherrie Siemens Open to Public
March 19th St Louis, MO taught by Lori Craig Almost full! Open to Public
March 25th, Milwaukee, WI taught by Debbie Olson Open to Public

April 10th, Phoenix, AZ taught by Jennie Black Open to Public
April 27th, Charlotte, NC taught by Colleen Schaan Open to stores and Designers

May TBA, Pensacola, FL taught by Colleen Schaan Opens soon
May 22, San Diego, CA taught by Jennie Black Opens soon
May 26, Columbus, OH taught by Colleen Schaan Open to stores and Designers
May 26, Minneapolis, MN taught by Debbie Olson Opens soon
May 28th, Toronto, Canada taught by Sherrie Siemens Opens soon

Tentative June Classes
June 4th Kelowna, BC taught by Sherrie Siemens
June 11th Boston, Mass taught by Lori Craig (TBA)
June TBA Lexington, KY taught by Colleen Schaan
June 12 Spokane, WA taught by Jennie Black
June 18th Coos Bay, OR taught by Marianne Walker
June 23rd Wichita, KS taught by Lori Craig

Intermediate Certification Classes
Intermediate Papercrafting Certification classes are popular! These classes are open to ANYONE who has taken the standard Certification class, and who wants to learn how to color and design more like an artist. There are still a few spaces left in the Phoenix Intermediate class, so if you are interested in attending send in your application right away!

April 11th, Phoenix, AZ taught by Debbie & Colleen Filling fast!!

May 13th, Columbus, OH taught by Colleen Schaan Now Open

June 11th, Boston, Mass. taught by Debbie Olson TBA
June 18th, Calgary, AB taught by Sherrie Siemens Opens soon
June 23rd Wichita, KS taught by Debbie Olson Opens soon

To register for any of these classes or to download class info, please check our Certification page on the Copic Website. If you have any questions, please e-mail for details.


ElamDesign33 said...

I'm so excited, I just registered for Columbus! Woo hoo!
I love the fashion illustration, at one time that's what I thought I wanted to do, fashion illustration.

Laura Pryor said...

I'm so excited to Boston listed there tentatively!!! Oh please oh please oh please!!

Quilt knit said...

When is Boston Opening and what day is June 11th ???

Oh! the sketch is beautiful!!!
Headed to a Zentangle workshop at Harvard, U.
I will come home and experiment with my small supplies of Copic Markers, - (only 12)
Sherrie Roberts

Cheryl O said...

Another great example, Marianne. I got your book on Shadows and Shading today, what a great purchase! I'm anxious to start reading it and putting it to good use.

Tami said...

Just wanted to say I still enjoy this blog AND your new book on shadows & shading is very good. I'm half way through and only found one typo. :-) I can't wait to try the templates - very clever to include them! Thanks again for all you share with us.

nette said...

How do you register? I'm interested in doing the one in San Diego, CA.

Lucy Chesna said...

Come on Boston!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this...please please please come

ThePurplePlace said...

I am THRILLED that a class is coming to the BOSTON area...! I can't wait to sign up and hope it outside the CITY and in the suburbs!!!

At LAST!! :)

Unknown said...

Well, today I just thought I should post How To Draw Manga because a lot of people seem to desperate to know how!

Fashion Design Course said...

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Gracestefan said...

Here is a rapid sketch I complete this morning to freshen up my fashion design shoes & accessories draughts. I drew it with a Cobalt multiline onto color laser duplicator paper.