Monday, December 3, 2012

Free Coloring White Sample page

Pages for my swatch book
Happy December! I was coloring something white this weekend and realized that I had not updated my white swatches in a while. None of them were what I wanted, so I figured I needed to make some new swatches for my color sample book.
 Do you have a swatch book? One of the first things I suggested years ago on this blog was to keep a swatch book. I use small, 5 x7 portfolio books to keep track of my colors. Always write down the paper you are using and what colors you try.

I made this handy chart that you also can download to try coloring your whites with. When I make swatch sheets, I frequently like to keep one color the same and swap out the other color. In this colored example, I kept my C1 the same on each image, and swapped out the different blues. On the next page, I'll still keep the C1, as I think I like it, but I am going to try shadowing with purples or BV's.

For full directions on coloring a snowman or things that are white, I have some really old directions here, or  coloring white objects is discussed in my book The Copic Coloring Guide Level 2 : Nature.

Meanwhile, here is a copy of this chart for your very own use! This handy chart is sized to be a 1/4 page. You are welcome to download it and use it for your own personal swatch books, or you can use it for a class if you are a teacher. Please do not sell the image, as I am sharing it with you for free.

Have fun coloring white!!


Cassie said...

Thanks, Marianne! I'll definitely be trying this one out :D

Joynana said...

Thanks so much Marianne, I really need time too practice my winter coloring.

Margaret said...

This is great! TFS!

Ellen Taylor said...

Thanks so much for sharing !!

Some Lucky Dog said...

Thank you so much! Whites are one of the most difficult colors to get right.

Jan Castle said...

Thank you so much are so thoughtful and sharing!
Paper Hugs,

Unknown said...

I love affirmations. I have a "swatch book" and didn't even know it! I'm using a letter-size notebook with page protectors for my test samples. I'll do these sample pages, trying colors and strokes, before committing to the final project. I also add instructional pages for future projects/ideas. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents.