Friday, June 13, 2008

Color Spotlight: E33

Today is the last day to add a comment to Tuesday's post. Tonight at midnight I'll tally up the winner and post next week what the favorite paper/ink combos are.

Finally, I'm starting my Color Spotlight feature. Every week or so I'll showcase a different color and give ideas of color combos that will work with it. Please note: When I mention a color combo whatever color I put first is the color I put down as my base color, then I blend in the second color. So E33 + G85, the G85 was layered over the E33.

E33, Sand
Story behind E33: This was among the first colors Japan created over 20 years ago. This is a good, multipurpose middle/light warm brown, and one of our best-selling browns (that's not a skin color).
Available in these styles: Copic, Sketch, Ciao, Wide
Natural Blend family:
E30, E31, E33, E34, E35, E37, E39
Simple Blend:
Highlight E31 Midtone E33 Shadow E35
Similar colors, other families:
B34, BG32, RV32, Y32, R32, W3
Marianne’s Unusual Combos:
E33 + G85, E33+ V06, y23 + E33

Advanced Color Rules for E33*:
Complimentary: E33/B02
Triad (simple 3 color combo): E33, G24, V15
Tetrad (simple 4 color combo): E33, YG03, B02, FRV1
Pentagram (simple 5 color combo):
, FY1, G03, V17, RV17
High Contrast: E33, E39, E77, G29, BG18
Compound: E33, E29, BV04, FV2, B79

*Advanced color rules are generated by Adobe Illustrator CS3 based on the digital representation of the Copic Color Spectrum set into a special color wheel. I generate these as suggestions for color combos to try when you are looking for a nice change, or you have a paper that matches this particular color and you want help picking other unusual colors to go with it.

The project I made for E33: Low Tide on the Oregon Coast
Sometimes I get tired of coloring other people's beautiful stamps, so here's a pic I drew to feature E33. I have always loved the coast, and it's hard for me to forget my Marine Biology teacher when I think of sand, so we get a vibrant low-tide drawing today. To show you how you can incorporate the swatches for E33, I tried to use mostly colors or color families found in the above rules, plus a couple extra that it's hard to live without, like the colorless blender and B000 :). These colors make the picture a bit brighter than a real beach scene, but that's OK. BTW, I compared the color E33 to sand from my son's sandbox. A more accurate sand color would be E43 with a little W3 layered over it to tone it down.

Water: B000, B02, BG10, BG13, BG18
Sand: E31, E33, E35, E37, C7 Sky: BG10
Rocks: E31, C3, C5 Mountains: E31, C3, BG18
Sea Stars & Urchins: RV17, V15, V17, YR61, YR65, E33
Seaweed: G24, G29 Mussels: C3, C5, C7
Anemones: YG03, YR61, V15
I used the colorless blender on almost everything


Courtney said...

Seriously, I can't believe that you just drew that up to showcase the colors. Awesome drawing!! I would hang it in my bathroom, except where are the sand dollars? A rendering of the OR coast isn't complete without sand dollars!! Hope you have a good weekend!

Unknown said...

Wow, beautiful! I love how this looks like you used watercolors instead.

Jodi said...

Wow, I love the drawing and your coloring is great. Maybe you should design stamps, then we could color in your images! I am loving your blog!

Michele Kovack said...

Your artistic skills are just amazing!!! WOW! This is beautiful!

Lauraline said...

Wow, I love this idea. I will play with my markers today trying unusual color combos, the results are awesome. Thank you for sharing all this info with us!

Nicole said...

HOLY CRAPOLA, I am in TOTAL SUPPORT of you having your own stamp line! I encourage you to do it! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to color in these images you are posting. Please consider it seriously, you could make a mint, even just from me throwing money at ya!

Thanks again for a wonderful tutorial/tip technique! I think I am going to practice each of your posts each day or whenever you post them.

This will be like Marker101 for me, and give me an excuse to take time to learn the limits of my COPICS!

Thank YOU, Marianne (you future stamp designer, you!)

Joy said...

m, this is one of my favorite browns. I reach for it ALL of the time. I'm lovin' that you are featuring a color. YOU ROCK! :)

Nicole said...

ANOTHER QUESTION! Can you EDIT to ADD: What you used
to sketch the actual scene? Pencil or what type of thin-pen size and ink type?? THANKS!

Karolyn at Paper Therapy said...

OMG! You're a wonderful illustrator, on top of being an amazing colorer (is that even a word? LOL) Thank you for sharing what you know about Copics. With every post, I feel more and more comfortable with mine.

Sandy Knecht said...

What a good idea to spotlight colors. I love the E33. I'm going to have to print this out and start a binder with your tips and techniques. I love your Blog! Your hand drawn picture is great too!

Christi Flores said...

I love that you are spotlighting colors! That drawing is fantastic and the coloring is amazing!! You are such a great talent!

Terri said...

Holy buckets! I can't believe how awesome your drawings are! Not only are you giving us fabulous tips everyday but wonderful art as well. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Did you put the colors into Illustrator? Did you have to program it a certain way? I have CS3 Suite, so I'm very interested in this. Thanks.


marianne walker said...


send me your e-mail address and I'll send you the file. Call me and I'll step you through how to use the color wheel.

toll free: 866-662-6742

Linda said...

Thank you starting this blog to teach the rest of us the intricacies of Copic markers. I use Stampin up Whisper White paper and Versafine Black ink. I don't know if that is the best combination but I am sure you will teach us all the best paper and ink available. Thank you again for taking the time to do this.
Linda Collins PS where can you get a Copic color wheel that you mention in your blog? thanks

marianne walker said...

the color wheel is programmed into my computer. I set up the colors in one of my programs for doing graphic design. I have a pdf of a plain copic colorwheel. just e-mail me at

Jessrose21 said...

Great lesson! I need to print these out and laminate them. Do you use Smooth or Super Smooth Classic Crest? I can see that I'm going to need a ream of this cardstock. :) Thanks!

Kurtis said...

WOW Marianne! I just stumbled onto your site via a link on Splitcoaststampers. May I link to your blog on mine? I'd love to pass on your site to my readers!

Nicole Bailey said...

I know you are super busy but I have a question....
what colors are ebst to use for skin color? I usually use water color pencils but am planning on trying the copic marker and want to start with skin first.