Monday, June 30, 2008

Picking Between Markers part 3 - Sketch

I know I promised last week that I would share the differences between the marker types and why you would want one over the other. Sorry about getting sidetracked on colorless blenders, but there is just so much you can do with a blender pen, in fact you can take a blender pen I'm talking about Sketch Markers today, NOT blender pens :)

Sketch Markers
Copic released Sketch markers over 15 years ago and with that move they revolutionized fine art markers. The original Copic Marker feels like a nice, solid, firm traditional marker. The Sketch marker came with one end that feels like a brush - A really juicy, flexible brush that never frays and lasts a long time. Finally, here was a marker that didn't feel like a marker, but it would put the high quality Copic inks onto paper in a smooth, paint-like way.

This is what makes the Sketch marker the most popular of all Copic marker types. That's why Japan makes 322 colors of Sketch, and they may even make more (I have some colors I would love to see that Japan doesn't make yet).

The other end has a Medium Broad nib, which is a firm chisel tip that is perfect for airbrushing or for coloring large areas. This tip is only slightly smaller than the broad nib nib on a Copic marker.

The Sketch marker gives two different patterns when airbrushed. The chisel end gives a fine, smooth spray, the brush end gives a larger speckled pattern. So if you enjoy airbrushing you may prefer this marker over the Copic, even though you'll have to refill this one sooner.

If you don't like the chisel nib, then you can swap it out with a Medium Round Nib. This firm round point is great for writing. It's a little larger than the fine point on a Copic, but it is great for people who are used to working with a firm ended marker and want something they can write with that is better than the chisel nib. Note that if you remove the chisel then the airbrushing doesn't work the same (more on this when we cover airbrushing). This tip works on either side of a Sketch or Ciao marker.

Most of the time I choose Sketch markers because I love how smooth the Super Brush allows me to color. Also, there are so many more colors than any other marker out there that it's hard to beat the selection offered by Sketch. I like how it takes me a while to run one dry, since I tend to be lazy about refilling. If I had only one style to pick, I'd go with Sketch for my everyday coloring needs.

The rest of this week I'll be sharing things that relate to comics as well as stamping, in honor of Anime Expo, so stay tuned for a guide to skin colors and more. Enjoy coloring!

Stamp Image: Pumpkins in Wheelbarrow by Lockhart Stamp Co, Paper: Neenah Classic Crest Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black Markers: YG17, YR02, YR04, E35, E37, W3, W5, BG10, Colorless Blender


Nicole said...

Hi Marianne! I agree, the Sketch markers are awesome! I have about150 different colors and have never felt like the markers weren't able to give me the result I wanted. GO SKETCH!

Janet said...

Thank you so much for answering my question about swapping out the wide tip for a smaller one. Now I'll need to decide if this is what I really want to do since I'm interested in seeing what air brushing is all about. I'm still a little shaky on shading by using two or more colors, so it would be good if you could give just a short "how to" on that. You're absolutely wonderful! Thank you again!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Awesome coloring! Love the way you did the ground! Thanks for sharing!

Judy in Indiana said...

Sketch is definitely my favorite! I was at a rubber stamping "convention" a while back and everyone was selling ciao, claiming they are really for rubber stamppers. What?! Many of us love out sketch even more. I especially love the numbers on the ends of the sketch.

I like your pumpkin coloring, too. Gotta get that stamp!

Sandy Knecht said...

Wonderful shading on this picture. I haven't airbrushed yet, but I do have the equipment. Thanks for telling the difference using either tip of the Sketch.

Tweetpea said...


Thank you for mentioning that you can change the tip of the broad chisel end of the marker. I have been trying to figure out if I wanted to buy two different sets just to have the round point that you can write with and have better control than the brush side. I love my markers but was getting discouraged. So thank you SO much for the tip. You've made my week!


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