Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Winner, Video Preview, and other notes

Blog Candy Winner!
I want to thank all of you who left comments on my blog and the other blogs for the fabulous stamp set giveaway by Our Craft Lounge. Out of 272 comments, the winner for the St. Patrick's Day set is:


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Timestamp: 2009-02-16 09:01:54 UTC

which means that Dorrie is the winner!

Dorrie said...

Cute set. Thanks for the chance to win.

Thank you Dorrie for leaving your comment. Just send me an e-mail with your address and we'll send that set right out! And thank you to all the kids who came and colored with us in the Youth Room this weekend at the Asian Celebration. As always it was a fun event, so thank you!

For those of you trying to guess which sets I did not draw for this release by Our Craft Lounge, some of you got close, but no one go them all. I know it's tricky because I already warned you that I like to switch my style around and you won't have any idea that I didn't do it. We have two other talented artists that also contributed this time, and the 4 cute sets they made are Kiss Me I'm Green, Children of the World, Snail Mail, and Hello Spring.

Video preview

If you didn't stop by the Copic booth at CHA and you are dying to know about the upcoming airbrushing DVD's, you can get a preview of them on the Copic homepage. These will be available in the next couple months, and will retail for around $19.95 each. The 3 videos are Papercrafting (with Ellen Hutson), Landscape Architecture, and Comic Illustration. Each video goes into the studio of the professionals we interview and shows a glimpse of their working style, tools, and techniques. You'll get a complete step-by-step of their process, so be looking for those videos.

Certification Notes
Meanwhile, if you're trying to get on the certification mailing lists and the sign up doesn't work, just send me a quick e-mail with the locations you're interested in and I'll add you to those lists. I know we have mostly West Coast and East Coast locations this spring, but hopefully this fall there will be more Mid-west or other locations. Anyone outside the US or Canada that is trying to get into a specific location should send me an e-mail. Although I don't have Summer CHA on the official list yet since I don't have details, I know that many of you will be coming in for that show and I am happy to accommodate you as much as possible.

Blog Happenings
On another note, for those of you who are worried about my blog moving, whenever it officially happens I will automatically switch your subscriptions over with me if you registered through my sidebar. The rest of you will have to switch your other subscription services manually. The switch will probably come while I am out this next weekend, though no guarantees (I hope they get the bugs done soon, since I have lots of neat stuff I'm holding off on posting).

You will be able to get to my blog from the Copic website. Also, if you are on Facebook or Myspace you should come join our groups of friends to find out what we're doing today and see who the other Copic admirers are out there. We like having lots of ways for Copic users to connect with each other and see what they've created with Copic Markers.


Nicole said...

Hi Marianne! Well, I am glad to see that you DID indeed come up with the BOTZ FAMILY, because I WON THAT on Shannan's blog!! HEEHEE!!! I am so excited to have my very own Marianne Walker designed stamp set!! I was wondering about the Kiss Me, I'm Green, but surprised by the Snail Mail!

Thanks for putting on such an awesome blog hop!!

Sandy Knecht said...

It looks like the videos are very professionally done. They will be a nice addition to learning the airbrushing system. Thanks

Susan said...

The video looks fantastic. I can't wait until it is released. Thanks for linking to the promo.

Becky said...

The link to the facebook page didn't work. Is there another one somewhere? I clicked on the link from the Copic website.

marianne walker said...

I don't know about the facebook link from the Copic site, I think you have to go look for the link from facebook then.

Danielle said...

I found a few Copic groups, I'm not sure which is yours. But I joined it just in case.

Mary said...

I will be looking for copic on facebook. Thanks for all of the info. I am looking forward to your coming to NG. in June.