Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Krylon Art Scholarship opportunity

As we move my blog over to the Copic site you will notice a few small changes. First, I will be adding categories: Stamping/Papercrafting, Fine Art, Professional Design, Comic Drawing, general Product knowledge etc.

This will be in addition to the regular Beginner, Advanced, and other categories. This is a means of helping ALL Copic users out there, not just a small demographic and makes it easier to search through posts for useful stuff. I still love all of you, but we want everyone to feel like they are growing in their knowledge of art supplies.

We also are striving to be a resource for students choosing an art-career field and help them have the guides they need to succeed. To further this goal I would like to pass this information on to any student looking for scholarships in art. This is from Krylon and was passed on to me (Copic has no affiliation with this scholarship). Good luck to students! If any of you hear of opportunities like this, please pass them along as well so that we can help anyone improve their art knowledge:

Dear Designers,

Below is a release about a new scholarship opportunity from Krylon. Please
pass the information along to any high school seniors and college students
you know who are pursuing a degree in fine arts. Thank you.

Scholarship Includes 30 Student and School Awards in 2009

(CLEVELAND, February 17, 2009) Krylon®, inventor of the first aerosol clear
coatings to preserve priceless artwork, continues to support the Arts with
new Krylon® Clear Choice Art Scholarships. The new program will award
future fine artists and the schools they attend with scholarship money,
grants and art supplies totaling approximately $12,300. Top prizes include
five $1,000 scholarships and five, $500 grants for winners' schools.
Winners will also receive a generous gift package of essential Krylon Artist
Sprays and Adhesives.

"Our heritage is in the art market and today our products are the choice of
fine artists for the preservation of priceless artwork," says Michelle
Neuhauser, Krylon Market Manager. "We're proud to invest in the future of
art by awarding scholarships to help art students pursue their dreams and
meet rising tuition costs. The Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarships also
supports the schools our winners are attending at the time of application."

The Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarships will award five $1,000
non-renewable scholarships to high school seniors and college freshman and
sophomore students currently accepted at or enrolled in a fine art program.
The five scholarship recipients will also receive a student gift package of
Krylon Artist Sprays and Adhesives with an approximate retail value of $70.
In addition, the winners' schools will receive a $500 grant and a school
gift package of Krylon Artist Sprays and Adhesives with an approximate
retail value of $250.
Ten additional students and the schools they attend will also receive gift
packages of Krylon Artist Sprays and Adhesives.

Scholarship applications are due by May 31, 2009, and scholarship recipients
will be notified in writing by July 31, 2009. For more information about
the Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarships, including application forms, visit
www. krylon.com/art <http://www.landingpageURL.com
> ..

Krylon is the nation's leading spray paint manufacturer and is number one in
innovation and consumer brand recognition. Its line of artist finishes and
craft and décor products, including Artist Sprays, Adhesives, Metallic
Finishes, Brushed Metallics, Spray Stain, Glass Paints, Fusion, H20(tm)
Latex Spray Paint, Outdoor Spaces® Paints and Finishes, Faux Finishes, Fun
Finishes, Brights Paint Pens, Hobby Paints and Indoor/Outdoor general
purpose paints, are manufactured by Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands,
headquartered at 101 Prospect Ave. NW, Cleveland, Ohio 44115. For more
information, call 1-800-4-KRYLON (1-800-457-9566) or visit the website at


margot said...

Let me start by telling you how much I've been enjoying your blog. It's given me an education in Copic markers I would not have had the opportunity to obtain otherwise. My daughter is a freshman architecture student and I have been sharing posts that I've felt were relavent to her field and interests with her. She's been thrilled for the information and additional tips. I'm also forwarding on this post to her as any little bit will help towards that 4-6 years of tuition. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge.

Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

What a wonderful opportunity for young artists!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

How wonderful of Krylon! It's so important to support our youth in their dreams. With the state of the economy, families are struggling to send their children to college. That is wonderful!

I'm excited to see the new site with the different categories. I will probably visit all of them!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!