Monday, February 9, 2009

Winner and Awards

Copic Certification Mardi Gras Giveaway
We had a number of people submit their names for the New Orleans Copic Certification contest.

The Grand Prize Winner is:

Congratulations! I'll see you in a couple weeks at that class.

The Two Second Place winners are

Way to go! I'll see each of you in a short week and a half.

Blog Awards
And now for blog awards... I want to thank everyone who sends awards my way for blogging. It is a real honor to think that I am one of your favorite blogs, and I hope I can continue to produce high-quality tutorials and step-by-step directions. My most recent award was from Catherine at PaperGarden Projects, so thank you Catherine and thank you from all the other people who I have missed awards from (I'm really bad at following up on these).

However, instead of passing a blog award onto other blogs that I love I wanted to do something special. To this end I am creating a new award, and I think many of you who have blogs can relate. My problem is that I have lots of subscribers who read the blog but hardly anyone leaves comments. I have a few loyal commenters and the rest of the world is silent (granted, you have to sign in to leave a comment, which is changing soon...). I really have no idea if you find a tutorial useful unless you leave me a comment!

I am not a great person for commenting either, except on the blogs of my friends at church, I really don't have enough time in the day. To this end, I created this award:

If you have a blog and have the same problem that I do, please take this award and pass it on to your loyal commenters. Show them how much you appreciate their feedback. These are the ones who tell you if they find your post useful or not, who take you with them on their creative journies, who read each day and let you know that they did.

Thank you to all my readers, but today, I'm honoring the Commenters. Each of you should pass this award on to your loyal commenters to let them know how much you care.

Some of my loyal commenting followers include (this is NOT all!):
Nicole, Anderson Arts Online (are you happy I have rubber stamps now??)
Nancy, Inkcicles (the icicles post was just for you! great to finally meet and share hugs)
Trena in Naperville, Stamping, Painting and Coloring Make me Giggle (summer CHA was fun, Thank you for coming to my class)
Broni Waterchild 12, Splashes of Watercolor (we had a fun certification group last fall!)
Sandy Knecht (you have been leaving comments right from the beginning, Thank you!)

Again, thank you for your support. Sorry about the lack of posts, I am keeping my posting light right now because soon things will be moving...don't worry, it's for the good!


Nicole said...

Wow, thank you so much, Marianne! I have been lacking in my posts until lately, that darn Christmas season keeps me hopping with my giftline! I am glad things slow down, but then Valentine's Day is right behind, followed by Easter (baptism, confirmation gifts) and then Mother's Day of course!!

But hopefully I am getting better about 'showing my love with comments'!! And YES I AM glad you finally put yourself in the stamp industry! I would really love to see some realistic images, too! You are a fabulous illustrator, so adding some scenery, greenery would be grand!!

Thanks again!!

Fjola said...

I'm bad, I admit it...I read your blog daily (am a bit sad when there is not a new entry, I know you are busy) and I rarely leave a comment. SO, just to let you know, I am ever so grateful for your tutorials!! I have learned so much, and now I am registered for the hands-on class.

Your illustrations are super - wish I could draw - guess that's why I stamp!

Thanks for the time, effort and inspiration!

Broni said...

Marianne, thank you so much!! I so enjoy your blog and study it endlessly. This is the best award EVER because I know it's a work of art by and from you!

Leslie Hanna said...

Another bad one here. I read you through Google Reader, and I LOVE your posts! I recently got sucked in to the Copic frenzy, and I do lurk and learn.

I, too, have way more subscribers than I ever see comments, but I think just knowing people subscribed means they like reading what I have to say. But I am not teaching like you are, so I think this award concept is a good idea for what YOU do. You need to know if what you post is helping people (if that is your is YOUR blog, remember?)

Maybe you could have an occasional Ask Marianne series and get specific feedback that way.

I'll keep reading, I promise!!!!

Velta said...

I am so glad that you came up with this award...Like you and others I am the same. I too am lacking in posting comments. I subscribe to your blog and enjoy it to the nth... TFS :)

retiredheather said...

I think this is a lovely idea. I have some really loyal commenters so I think I may borrow this award.
PS I don`t have copics but I do enjoy reading about them. Also, the award is absolutely beautiful. Well done.

Karolyn at Paper Therapy said...

Thanks, Marianne! I love this idea - I'm one of your many subscribers that rarely comments. As a blog owner, myself, I do know how much fun getting comments is, so I vow to do better in the future. Thanks for the blinkie. I'll definitely be passing this along to my best commenters!!

Rebecca Ednie said...

Sorry that I don't leave more comments! I love your tutorials! However, I do pass your blog addy on to anyone with a Copic question-frequently! This contributes to your blog hit success so I DO care! And whenever i pass on my top 10 blogs list to anyone new to blogging, you are always in that list. You alone have started me on a lifelong colouring adventure of pure fun!

May we use your graphic when giving out our own awards?!

Thanks for all you do!

marianne walker said...

Please! Anyone who wants to share the award, it is yours to take. Let your readers know how much you appreciate them.

Granbeads said...

When I first purchased Copics, I didn't like them but thanks to Sandy Hulsart, and through her to YOU, I have become an avid fan. I, too, study your blogs endlessly for they hold a wealth of coloring lessons on light, shadow, reflections - all the things that make the difference between just slapping on color and true dimension. Just know that by subscribing to your wonderful blog I learn more with each posting. Thank you so very much for the brilliant tutorials you share. I am grateful indeed. Marcia T.

Kristie said...

I too must admit to being a *lurker*...I get you blog in google reader and devour every word you write...then go practice! I have gotten so much better because of your teaching through this fabulous blog...and not just at colouring with Copics, but with all mediums.
So thanks a million for all the work you put into it....and I promise that from now on I will tell you when I've found something useful...oh, that'd be ALL THE TIME :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you have in the works. I'm not good at posting comments but i read it every day!! Thanks for all I've learned!!

Melissa Sauls said...

HAHA!! This is an awesome award! Probably best I've seen actually. :) Congrats to those regular commenters.
...and I'm still wishing for a cert class in TX :P

Tracey said...

I just wanted to say that I am one of those who is guilty of being a lurker! I love your blog and am always popping in to check out your tutorials!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!! :)

Oh, and I snagged your award to share with my commenters as well. Thanks!!

Holly Nester said...

What a great idea! I may steal it too! I always like what you write, no exceptions...though I'll admit I don't comment EVERY time I visit!


Candy said...

Hi Marianne!
You know how I feel about your work and how I study each entry in your blog. I havent' commented too much as I think you probably don't have the time to read them! Oops! I guess I was wrong and I appologize!'Love the blinkie you have made and if I may I would like to borrow it also.
Holding my breath until you come to Vancouver or Vancouver Island to take your class.

Mrs. Nancy G said...

NO WAY?! WOW-WEE!!! Thanks so much Marianne. You are the coolest indeed! I've learned so much from you and I feel blessed that I actually got to meet you last month. What an honor to accept your award! You made my day! By the way, it' nice to have you tutorials online. I always go back and reread them to reinforce learning your techniques and the icicles post is over the top!


Gail S. said...

I read your blog every day....but have to admit that I do not comment near that much! I do appreciate what you have to tell us. I only have about 12 copics currently but your ideas help. Thank you!!!!

Susan said...

This is such a nice idea. I have had you on my sidebar for a long, long time and read your blog regularly. I sometimes think that I am not "worthy" of commenting on the blog of a real artist, but if you say so... anyway, thanks again for such a great blog and such wonderful tutorials.

Ruby said...

I have just come across your blog through blog hopping. I believe you designed your new award pic yourself, wow, how talented! And what a clever idea. I can't draw to save my life, I think that's why I like card making so much..I can be creative without having to draw!

Highdesertstamper said...

I do love reading your newsletters and your blog. I have not bought a lot of copic markers yet, but since I used to do oils and acrylics, I thought my next big step would be to use the copic markers to start coloring my images. Please continue to post your wonderful tutorials!There is no one here in my area who does much with the markers. I am trying to get something going in a local stamp store, but we've even had trouble getting the markers in when ordered!!